How to make a Linux ELF Virus (That works on your latest Linux distribution)

Finally the complete list of Technical speakers of The Hackers Conference 2012 has been announced, and one of the most awaited topic is the “how to make a Linux ELF Virus (That works on your latest Linux distribution)”. The conference will be held on July 29, 2012 at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi.

17 year old hacker, Aneesh Dogra aka Lionaneesh will be the speaker of the said topic. The talk will be heavily focused on how to make a simle ELF virus in Linux. Well, as Linux is considered as a secure operating system by most of experts, Aneesh will demonstrate the idea of a Prepernder and using it to create a virus which will be working on the latest Linux Distribution. The talk will show how the virus will infect the different files on the system and how it can be dangerous.

How to make a Linux ELF virus

The Hackers Conference 2012 is expected to be the first gathering of the Blackhat hackers in India who will share their knowledge on the latest security issues with the current technology.

More topics on the conference include:

  • GraVitoN: Cross Platform Malware
  • Mobile Application Security Risk and Remediation
  • Black Arts of Automated and Remote Exploitation
  • Android Spy Agent
  • Browser Kung-Fu
  • All your Droids belong to me : A look into Mobile Security in 2012

Registration for the THC2012 is now closed.