How To Make Internet Browsing More Secure

How To Make Internet Browsing More Secure

Here are some steps on how to make internet browsing more secure. Make your internet browsing more secure as with today’s technology with all those stuffs, you don’t know if there is someone wanting to stalk or get your username and password when you are logging in to various websites. It is better to be more secure than not secure at all.

Make Internet Browsing More Secure and Tighten Your Internet Security

1. Make different password for all account and strenghten your password

When making a password, use various combinations of special characters, this will make your password harder to crack. Increasing the length of your password will also make it harder to brute force. Don’t use simple dictionary words as password, and if ever you do, add special characters in it.

While it would be hard to have different password for all your account, this makes your browsing activity more secure. You could also use password management softwares to help you with the passwords, most password management softwares today has a password generator in it.

2. Use secure browser or HTTPS

When logging in try to use secure browser, you could see it by the “HTTPS” in your browser url. This lessens password sniffing attacks as whatever you enter gets encrypted.

3. Install Antivirus Toolbars in your browser

Installing Antivirus toolbars will help make your internet browsing more secure, as you will be protected from some phishing attempts, plus Antivirus toolbars, let you see if the url you are going to is a type or form of malware or not. This strengthens your browser. Find an antivirus, which has a toolbar add on for your browser.

4. Don’t trust Free Proxy Service

Believe it or not, some free proxy service are designed to sniff your password, so be cautious when using one. If ever you are using free proxy service, then it is recommended to use a secure browser or HTTPS, please see step 2.

5. Update your browser to its latest version

Making your that your browser is on the latest version is a wise move to make your internet browsing more secure. Updated browsers had already fixed some found loopholes in the previous version security. So make sure your browsers are updated!

Follow the steps and make internet browsing more secure!

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