How to Play CityVille 2 Beta on Facebook?

Cannot access CityVille 2 on Facebook? Don’t worry as this how to play CityVille 2 Beta Guide will help you.

CityVille 2 is now in closed beta and there are reports that some people cannot play the game on Facebook. Here is a complete guide on how to play and access CityVille 2 on Facebook using proxies.

Over 330,000 people played the CityVille 2  game in the last month; if you cannot play the game then probably your country is not yet supported. Although we still do not have the list of all the countries that can play the closed beta, this guide will help you know how to play the game.

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What is CityVille 2?

how to play cityville 2

CityVille 2 is an upgraded CityVille Facebook game. Like the previous CityVille, it lets you build your own city. But what makes CityVille 2 stands out from the previous game is that the game is now on 3D; meaning you can build 3D cities and towering buildings.

One of the countries that can enter and has access in playing CityVille 2 game app on Facebook is the Philippines. So, for today you will learn how to play CityVille 2 using Philippines or PH proxies.

Learn How to Play CityVille 2 Using Proxies

Below are the working proxies you can use for CityVille 2.

Philippine Proxies for CityVille 2: port 3128 port 3128

Depending on your browser, you must change the proxy settings.

For Internet Explorer:

Tools > Internet Options > Connection Tab > LAN Settings > Then check “Use a proxy server for your LAN” and input the proxy servers above.

For Google Chrome:

Settings > Advance Settings > Under Network, click “Change Proxy Settings” > LAN Settings > Then enter the proxy address details.

For Mozilla Firefox:

Tools > Options > Advanced > Then Network Tab > Click on Connection Settings > Select Manual Proxy configuration and enter the proxy server details

Important: Use above the above proxies, together with the port number.

Log in to your Facebook account and go to the CityVille 2 Facebook game app; or you can use this link:

Play CityVille 2 on Facebook

That’s it! You should now be able to play CityVille 2. Welcome to CityVille 2 Beta and watch your Facebook page for CityVille 2 posts. Enjoy!

Until then, and hope this how to play CityVille 2 beta guide help you access and play CityVille 2 Facebook game using proxies without any issues.