How to Play Dota 2

Wanted to learn how to play Dota 2? Here is a complete guide on how to play Dota 2. Learn how to get Dota invite and how to get Dota 2 running in your PC.Dota 2 is a stand-alone sequel to the ever popular Defense of the Ancients game mod for Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos, and the Frozen Throne. Dota 2 is a strategy game where you get to choose and pick your heroes, that you will micro control, level up, kill enemy heroes, and gain gold in order to buy and upgrade items. In Dota 2, you’ll get a chance to fight as Radiant or Dire. It is a real-time strategy and requires teamwork in order to win games.

Here is a guide on how to play Dota 2. Note that this guide is not about strategies, tips, techniques, and item buying guide, but rather a technical guide on how to install and play Dota 2 in your computer. Similarly, most gamers want to know how to play Dota 2. Keep in mind that, right now the Dota 2 can only be played in Windows operating system, however there is a way to play it on Mac. I’m using Mac to play Dota 2. If you;re interested in how to use your Mac in playing Windows only games, then read the article below.

Want to know how to play Dota 2 in Mac? Read this how to install Windows 7 on Mac using Boot Camp!

Step by Step Guide on How to Play Dota 2

Here is the detailed, step by step guide in playing Dota 2.

1. Get Dota 2 Invites
Get your free Dota 2 invite. Click here to know how to get Dota 2 invites. For now, Dota 2 is invite only, and haven’t been fully open to public. You need to have an invitation first in order to play Dota 2.

Dota 2 invite

2. Upon receiving the invite, proceed in logging in your Steam powered account.

3. Download and install the Steam client.

You need to install the Steam client in your computer in order to play Dota 2.

4. Launch the Steam Installation Wizard, and proceed by clicking the Next button.

Steam Installation Wizard

5. Accept the Steam License Agreement

Steam License Agreement

6. Select your Internet connection speed to run Steam

Steam Connection Speed

7. Select the language to use when running Steam

Steam Select Language

8. Select folder where you want Steam to be installed

Steam Destination Folder

9. Wait for the Steam installer to finish installing and updating your system

Steam Setup Updating System

10. Click Finish after Steam is successfully installed

Steam successfully installed

11. Proceed by updating the Steam client.

Updating Steam

12. Click on Login to an existing account (Alternatively, you can create a new account if you don’t have one.)

Steam Login

13. Login to your Steam account

Steam Account

14. Install Dota 2, by clicking on the Install button.

DotA 2 Install

15. You will be informed by Disk Space requirement, proceed by clicking Next button.

Install DotA 2 Download

16. Let the Dota 2 installer  create shortcuts to the game, then click Next.

DotA 2 Install Shortcuts

17. After installation is complete, you will now be able to play Dota 2. Click the Play button to launch Dota 2.

DotA 2 Play

18. Upon launching Dota 2, you will be ask to select your Dota familiarity.

Welcome to Dota 2

19. Click on the Match tab, above and start finding a game by clicking Find Match.

Dota 2 Find a Match

20. Continue by cliking Accept, if greeted by Your Game is Ready message. This happens when the Dota 2 Matchmaking successfully finds you a match to play.

Dota 2 Your Game is ready

21. Wait for other players to connect.

Dota 2 waiting for other players

22. Dota 2 game will load if all 10 slots are complete, and be greeted by Waiting for Players screen. Otherwise, it will reset the Matchmaking process.

Dota 2 connected to the game

23. Pick your Dota 2 Hero. (This is my first Dota 2 game, and I’ll be choosing Riki as he has stealth, and I don’t want to be a food in my very first game.)

Dota 2 All Pick Hero

So far at this stage, you are currently playing Dota 2. Hopefully you won’t be called noobs, or get your allies pissed off by the way you play. Here is a screenshot after the game I played. We, the Dire, just lost to the Radiant. I don’t mind as this was my very first game, and I was using a Mac keyboard, which I’m not yet comfortable in using for games.

Dota 2 Game Play Victory Screenshot

Dota 2 Victory

Well check the stats above, I’m currently in lead with the Kills score. I’ve matched up pretty well with Crystal Maiden,as she was in my lane, and end up making her my food throughout the game. Although Bounty Hunter, Invoker, and Skeleton King pretty much dominated us in late game. Maybe not bad game for a first timer? Don’t you think?

Dota 2 is highly addicting game, and requires skills and item knowledge. For me, I do not know any of the items yet, but like HoN or Heroes of Newerth, the item seller shows you recommended items for your Dota 2 Hero. For now have fun, and enjoy playing Dota 2, and hope this article helped you learned how to play Dota 2.

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