How to Remove or Hide Your Last Name on Facebook

How to Remove or Hide Your Last Name (Show First Name Only) on Facebook

Here is a method on how you can remove or hide your last name on Facebook. This Facebook trick and guide will change your account name to have “first name only”. This will help some Facebook users that are concerned with their name privacy and those who just want to impress their friends showing a few tricks on Facebook.

Keep in mind that if you are concerned with your look up privacy, you can just adjust the “Who can look up your timeline by name” option on the Facebook Privacy Setting and Tools and set it to “Friends” so that no one outside your network will be able to search for your profile.

facebook who can look timeline

Disclaimer: This information on how to hide or remove your last name on Facebook is for educational purposes only. We are not responsible for any actions that you will do upon learning with this guide.

Required Tools/Software:

  • Firefox Web Browser
  • Indonesian Proxy I.P. Address


1. Open Firefox Web Browser.


2. Go to Firefox Options Settings. You can use the shortcut key Alt + T + O.

3. Click on Advanced > Network > Settings. See the screenshot below for more details.

firefox options

4. Click on the Manual proxy configuration, then use any of the following proxies below.  Try the other proxy configuration if some don’t work. Alternatively you can use your own VPN software provided they have a proxy for Indonesia.

  • and Port: 8080
  • and Port: 8080
  • and Port: 8080
  • and Port: 8080
  • and Port: 8080
  • and Port: 8080
  • and Port: 8080
  • and Port: 3128
  • and Port: 3128
  • and Port: 3128
  • and Port: 3128
  • and Port: 3128
  • and Port: 3128
  • and Port: 3128

5. Check the “Use this proxy server for all protocols” option, and then click Ok. See the screenshot below.

indonesia proxy facebook

6. Go to Facebook ( and then login with your email address and password. It is possible that your account might require identification as you are using a proxy, if this happens just go through the identification process steps.

7. Click on the Settings icon on the top most right side of your Facebook, and then click on Account Settings.

8. Click Edit on the Language settings, and then select “Bahasa Indonesia” as the primary language.  Click Save Changes.

9. Edit your name and remove the last name, and then click “Simpan Perubahan” and save changes.

10. Click “Bahasa” and change it back to “English”, then click “Simpan Perubahan” to save changes.

11. Logout your Facebook account.

12. Open again the Firefox Options (see steps 2 and 3) and then remove the proxies by clicking on “No Proxy” or the default setting that you are using.

13. Login back again on Facebook, and see that your last name is removed.

remove last name facebook

That’s it! Congratulations, you have just learned how to have a “first name only” or how to remove and hide your last name on Facebook.

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