How to Save a Copy of Your FeedBurner Email Subscriber Details

In this guide you will learn how to save a copy and backup your FeedBurner Email Subscriber details.  Know completely how to export your FeedBurner’s subscriber details in csv format.

FeedBurner is a web feed management provided that was launced in 2004, and was bought by Google on June 3, 2007. FeedBurner provides custom RSS feeds and management tools to bloggers, podcasters, and other web content publishers.  Knowing how to save a copy of your FeedBurner Email Subscribers details will help you track and manage your subscribers, and at the same time do follow ups for email subscribers that subscribed but didn’t activate the RSS feed.

How to Save a CSV of your Email Subscribers in FeedBurner

Below are the steps on how to save a copy of your FeedBurner’s Email Subscribers information in csv format.

1. Login on your FeedBurner account.


2. Click on the “Publicize” tab.

feedburner publicize

3. Click on “Email Subscriptions”.

feedburner email subscriptions

4. Click on the “View Subscriber Details” below.

feedburner view subscriber details

5. Click the “Export: CSV” link.

feedburner export csv

Once you have clicked the “Export: CSV” hyperlink, you will immediately able to download the CSV file on your computer. You can rename the file, whatever filename you want. The CSV file contains your FeedBurner Subscribers information along with their email address, subscribed date, and status of subscription. It is recommended to save this file every couple of months so your CSV has updated information.

feedburner csv

Hope this guide on how to save a copy of your FeedBurner Email Subscriber details helped you in any way it can.

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