How to Shutdown Windows 8 Computer

How to Shutdown Windows 8 Computer

Cannot find the Shutdown button in your Windows 8 computer? Here is a guide for Windows 8 newbies on how to shutdown Windows 8 machine. If you are here then probably you are searching for ways on how to shutdown your Windows 8 PC or looking for a guide where to find the Windows 8 shutdown button. There no need to worry as here is a guide that can help you how to shutdown in Windows 8 properly.

If you are currently new in using Windows 8 and is quite experienced on Windows 7, you might have trouble locating the shutdown button. This is because the Start button is now gone and having accustomed in using Windows 7 and other past Windows O.S. versions, you are not yet accustomed on how to shutdown in Windows 8. Little that you know, shutting down Windows 8 is easy. Here is a newbie friendly guide on how to shutdown Windows 8 machine.

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How to Shutdown in Windows 8?

Below is a Windows 8 guide in answering the question, “Where is the shutdown button in Windows 8?“.

1. If you are on the Desktop mode, press Windows key to go to the Windows 8 Style UI (formerly called Metro).

2. Move your mouse on the lower right corner of the screen.

3. On the slide-out menu that appears (also known as Charms Bar), click on Settings.

4. Click Power button, and then click Shut down.  (This method also lets you Sleep, Update and Restart Windows 8.)

That’s it! Windows 8 requires about four actions to shut down your computer. But do take note that Start up and Shut down time is faster compared to Windows 7.

Come back for more Windows 8 guides, as I will be sharing how to create a Windows 8 shutdown shortcut that you can use to turn off your Windows 8 machine in a click.

Until then, and hope you enjoy this Windows 8 guide on how to shutdown Windows 8 computer.