How to Turn Off Predictive Text in Google Nexus 4

How to Turn Off Predictive Text in Google Nexus 4

These are the steps on how you can turn off the predictive text in Google Nexus 4. Follow the steps to disable the auto-correct and auto-suggest feature on Nexus 4. Predictive text is a feature for Android phones that auto completes words when you are text messaging. While the feature is helpful particularly for those who are native English speakers, some do find it annoying.

If you are not a native English speaker, and you always do text messaging in your local language, then you might find that predictive texting annoying as it keeps on getting the wrong words entered. The words that you are typing automatically changes, as the auto-correct and auto-suggestion features kick in. So to be able to get around it, you will need to turn off or disable the predictive text or the auto-correction suggestion.

Turning off predictive text in your Google Nexus 4 is really easy; just follow the steps below. The steps comes with actual pics and screenshots so you can see or find the buttons that you need to tap onto easily.

Steps to Turn Off Predictive Text in Nexus 4

1. Swipe down the status bar with your two fingers.

nexus 4 status-bar

2. Tap on Settings.

nexus 4 settings

3. Tap on Language & input.

nexus 4 language input

4. Tap on the Android keyboard.

nexus 4 android keyboard

5. Tap on Show correction suggestions.

nexus 4 auto correct

6. Tap on Always hide.

nexus 4 hide auto correct

7. Now try typing a text message.

nexus 4 turn off predictive text

8. You can see that the auto-correct function is now turned off.

Hope this short guide helped you. Have fun as you have learned how to turn off predictive text in your Google Nexus 4.