How to Use Dropbox to Track Stolen Laptop or Computer

How to Use Dropbox to Track Stolen Laptop or Computer

If you have Dropbox installed on your computer, then you can use this Dropbox tip and trick to track your stolen laptop or computer. For more details, read this guide on how to use your Dropbox account to track your stolen laptop or computer.

Don’t know what is Dropbox? Read below and find out.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a free cloud storage service that lets you bring all your data like phones, videos, and docs anywhere. This means that any file that you saved on your Dropbox account or folder will be automatically synced and saved to all your computers and phones linked on your Dropbox account. It gives you a free 2GB of Dropbox space when you sign up for a new account. You can also access the data from the Dropbox website.

This makes is easier for you to share files with others and safely store your files in the cloud.

how to use dropbox to track stolen computer

So, how can I use Dropbox to track my stolen laptop or computer?

Below are the steps which you can apply to track the location of your stolen computer using the Dropbox software.

Important: This method will only work if the computer thief manages to log on your computer and is connected to the Internet.

Steps to Use Dropbox to Track Stolen Laptop or Computer

1. Download and install Dropbox software on your computer. You need to sign up and get your free account to use Dropbox. By signing up, you will get 2GB of free Dropbox space.

2. To track your computer, sign into your online Dropbox account.

3. Go to “Settings”. You can access it by clicking the dropdown arrow next to your name on the top right side, and clicking on the “Settings” button.

dropbox settings

4. Click the “Security” tab.

dropbox security

5. On the “My devices” tab, find your stolen device and then hover on the “Most recent activity” information. From there you can see your Dropbox version installed, as well as the IP address of the crook. Dropbox syncs to the server regularly so the IP address is current and updated.

dropbox track stolen computer

6. Using that information, you can report its location to the authorities.

That’s it! You have just learned how to use Dropbox to track stolen laptop or computer. Although Dropbox wasn’t made for this, using this tip and trick will surely help you in case your computer gets stolen and Dropbox is installed on your computer.

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