How to Use Fiddler in Cheating Games

Fiddler is one of the tools used in cheating flash games particularly Facebook games. Read this article to learn how to use fiddler in cheating games.

What is Fiddler?

Fiddler is basically a HTTP Debugging Proxy tool which can log all HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet. It allows you to inspect all HTTP traffic by setting breakpoints. Fiddler makes you “fiddle” with incoming or outgoing data. It is also used for web site performance tuning.

how to use fiddle in cheating games

Download Fiddler

You can download Fiddler here.

Using Fiddle in Cheating Games

1. Open Fiddler tool and go to the Game you wanted to cheat.

2. Choose your browser on Fiddler.

how to use fiddler

3. Check “Enable automatic responses” and “Permit passthrough for unmatched requests”.

how to use fiddler

4. Click the down arrow button besides the SAVE, and then select “Find a file”.

how to use fiddler

5. Select the database cheat for your game.

6. Click Save.

7. Clear cache in your browser and go the game.

8. Check your game, and have fun!

How to clear Browser Cache?

Mozilla Firefox:

Click on Tools > Clear Recent History > Check Cache > Press Clear Now

Internet Explorer :

Click ” Clear Cache ” on Fiddler ( At the top of the tab )

Google Chrome :

Press Ctrl + Shift + Del