How to Use Google Alerts Like a Pro

In this guide, you will learn how to use Google Alerts like a pro, adding this awesome tool in your online weapon arsenal. Google Alerts is possibly one of the best free tools available if you are working as an internet marketer, online business owner, or a SEO specialist.

Google Alerts is often overlooked, the fact that most internet markets does not utilize it to its full potential, and others don’t even use it. So what exactly is Google Alerts? Google Alerts is a simple but quite powerful tool, as it can monitor the internet particularly the Google Search engine, for word and phrases, and even send you an update or email every time it does find a new result for the word or phrase.

In this tutorial, you will be seeing ways on how to leverage the power of Google Alerts and use it for building authority and monitoring your online brand. Let’s start the guide on how to setup Google Alerts.

How to Setup Google Alerts

In order to setup an alert, you need to go to the official Google Alerts link. From there you can enter keywords or key phrase in the search query. Google will then inform you in case it found an alert matched with your keyword. Adjust the settings according your your preference. Input your email address where you want the alerts and notifications to be sent.

how to use google alerts

How to Use Google Alerts for Brand Monitoring

Every serious website has its own brand, like in our case, Wiztechie is the brand. You can use Google Alerts so that every time your brand name is mentioned, you will be getting an email alerting you of that mention. This is powerful as you can join or jump in the discussion related to your brand.

Below are some of the alerts you can use for brand monitoring. Replace the website with your brand name.


wiz techie

How to Use Google Alerts to Monitor Competitors

We have to admit that every website has their competitor, whether indirectly or directly. Chances are by monitoring your competitor, you get to see of the new links that they gainer, or even feedback to them. You can setup Google Alerts to monitor your competitors using the same technique as above. Just replace the site name with your competitor site name.

How to Use Google Alerts to Learn New Question and Stuffs on your Niche

If you want to know the latest news or questions about your niche, you can use Google Alerts. Basically what this does is that it lets you be notified if there are relevant questions about your niche. From there you can jump in the discussion and provide an expert answer. Note that you too will be learning from this stuff as quite possibly there will be someone on your niche that will post an answer as well.

Use the phrase below to do this. Just choose whatever phrase you prefer.

How * tech blogging

Is * tech blogging

Can * tech blogging

When * tech blogging

Will * tech blogging

Note that the target niche is tech blogging, and just replace with your own keyword. Tech blogging is just an example niche and keyword.

How to Use Google Alert to Monitor your own Article

If you have your own specific promotion article, you can setup Google Alerts to monitor mentions of it in the Google search. In doing this, you will be receiving an alert if someone talks about your article or shares it in forums or blog comments.

Keep in mind that this technique is better if you have a popular article. To do this, just use part of the title as a keyword or phrase for Google Alerts. For example, this article is entitled “How to Use Google Alerts Like a Pro”, I can setup Google Alerts using the key phrases below:

“google alerts like a pro”

“how to use google alerts”

“how to use google alerts like a pro”

How to Use Google Alerts to Discover New Niches

Want to know some emerging, hot and new niches. Then consider these phrases for your Google Alerts.

new * this year

new * 2013

will * 2013

what will happen *

If you want targeted new niches that are based around a specific keyword, then consider adding the keyword at the end of the phrases above.

What’s Next?

Now that you have learned some of the ways on how to use Google Alerts, it’s time to start thinking outside the box and use it for your advantage. Develop your own key phrases or terms that will help you with your online needs.

While there are many other ways and techniques to use Google Alerts like a pro, the above are quite handy especially if you are into online reputation and branding.

Start using Google Alerts today and deliver alerts about your targeted niche, keyword, and phrase directly in your email address.