How to View Private Facebook Profiles – Facebook Private Profile Viewer

Want to know how to view private Facebook profiles? Read and learn how to view private Facebook profiles and how to use Facebook Private Profile Viewer. Sometimes in using Facebook, you want to see a profile of another person, while this works if his or her profile is set to public, but the problem is when the profile is private. As users are aware of their privacy, they have set their profile to private. So how can you view private Facebook profile? Read below and learn how to view private Facebook profiles.

Methods below explains ways on how to view private Facebook profiles. The first method talks about adding a user a friend and patiently wait for the user to accept it. The other method talks about using Facebook Private Profile Viewer. Facebook Private Profile Viewer is an online tool to view private profiles in Facebook, and lets you view private Facebook profiles, groups, and pages for free.

facebook private profile viewer

Methods and Steps on How to View Private Facebook Profiles

Below are the methods and the steps in viewing a private Facebook Profile

Method 1: Add as Facebook Friend Method

Facebook profiles are set to private but generally most the profiles can actually be seen if you are a Facebook friend of that person. Unless, that person is uber private and set his/her profile to “Only Me” (profile can only be seen by the owner). Here are the step by step methods in using the Add as Facebook Friend to view a private person profile. While this method may not seem so effective as other people only add people that they know, this may still works.

  1. Create a new Facebook account. (If you are in friend of that person then this would be easier.)
  2. Add his/her as friend.
  3. Wait for him/her to accept it. (This might happen or not as Facebook users are aware of people that add them as a friend, and most add people that they only know.)
  4. View his/her Facebook profile after the friend request was accepted.

Method 2: Use Facebook Private Profile Viewer

Use Facebook Private Profile Viewer


Facebook Private Profile Viewer is an online application that lets you view private profile in Facebook. You can also use it to view private Facebook groups and pages.

Facebook Private Profile Viewer Features

  • Lets you view Private Profiles, Groups, Pages in Facebook.
  • Available online. No need to download.
  • Works on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari.
  • Fast loading.
  • Track Facebook status updates on Facebook walls of anyone you want.

While there are reasons why a person wanted to view private profiles profiles in Facebook, most of these reasons are personal. Knowing how to view Facebook private profiles and use Facebook Profile Viewer will certainly help. Enjoy and have fun.


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