3 Ways to Watch YouTube Videos Without Buffering

A few good reasons to read this:

  • Want to learn how to watch YouTube videos without buffering?
  • Does buffering take too long?
  • Want to put an end to buffering YouTube videos? Okay, if not end just reduce it and make it faster!
  • Learn tips and tricks about YouTube that will help enhance your viewing experience.

If you have answered a yes for the reasons above, then this article is just for you. It’s time to learn those YouTube ninja moves and become a YouTube buffer ninja.

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Play – Buffer – Pause – Play – Buffer – Pause

Let’s say you are watching a full movie or animation on YouTube. By the way you should check this article, and learn what the best websites to watch movie online are. So in the movie, the hero is about to do say something important to the heroine – and this part maybe is the best part of the movie.

However, due to the buffering of YouTube, that scene just looked like a normal so-so part, and it seems the characters are in a stop dance motion.

Wow. Could you visualize that! How many times have you come across those situations while watching YouTube videos? Just precisely whenever something incredible is about to occur, the video starts buffering.

I know how that feels! I have to rewind it back, but get screwed up as it will buffer again. Worst is that the video needs a reloading.

Seriously, that won’t be the case any longer. I will be sharing with you a few cool YouTube tips and tricks to reduce the buffering of the YouTube videos.

To some of you reading, who has an average Internet connection speed of around 1MBps, these tips will surely eliminate buffering, but for other that has lower speeds then you can just expect minimum boost in buffering or make buffering faster.

How to Watch YouTube Videos without Buffering

1. YouTube Feather

YouTube currently being a segment of the search engine giant, Google, has constantly doing development and improvement on its services.

Having a surprising increase of users over several years, Google wishes to make sure that videos load and play fast and easily. It’s the motivation why Google features the YouTube Feather (which is currently in an opt-in beta mode).

Not everybody boasts a high-speed internet connection. Additional features like the HD 1080p videos have delayed loading times drastically. Hence, this optimization is obviously an effort from YouTube to serve for that large numbers of users on capped or moderate Internet speed connectivity.

YouTube Feather makes usage of enhanced web tricks to process YouTube video pages to all the users in a fastest available means. It restricts some features and the total amount of bytes downloaded via browser making videos stream rapidly than before.

You’ll be able to notice the improvement regarding the regular YouTube videos and YouTube Feather videos. Not just in terms of better streaming without buffering but likewise when it comes to the rate of data downloaded by the browser. For example, the internet browser downloaded 42 Kilobytes of data for the video in YouTube Feather in comparison to 241 Kilobytes on the standard YouTube website.

YouTube Feather switches off many of the AJAX aspects on YouTube. Thus, you won’t be able to comment on videos (the number of loaded comments are merely 10). You only have three key actions readily available: to flag a video, to favorite a video and to subscribe to a YouTube channel. You can not also rate videos, nevertheless, related videos stays set to 5.

Then again if you happen to be just interested in watching the video, not one of that will likely really matter to you, and you just might as well not notice the change.

To get started using YouTube Feather:

1. Go to  YouTube Feather Beta page.

2. Simply click on the link that says Join the Feather Beta and you are finished.

youtube feather

To go back to standard YouTube: (While in YouTube Feature mode)

1. Simply click Just this once – on while watching a specific video in regular mode or

2. Click Permanently – to go back to the regular mode permanently.

If you will be asking, if the YouTube Feather does lower the video quality. Then, they don’t directly say it, but it does reduce the latency, which is doable by reducing the feature available and the downloaded byte size. So, you may as well say that it might affect the video quality slightly as you won’t find the best HD quality content on it.

2. The Super Low 144p Video Quality

You can actually change the quality for the YouTube videos. An ultra-low bandwidth video quality viewing option of 144p is available for the videos. This option was geared at users that has a slower Internet connection speed and those who would like to watch videos using their mobile phones or tablets.

Video qualities ranges between 1080p HD to 240p, with 1080p HD having the best quality.

144p youtube

To change the quality of the video, just click on the icon as seen in the snapshot above and choose the 144p option. This will lower the quality but make the buffer much faster!

3. Using Public DNS Servers (E.g. Google)

Modifying your DNS (Domain Nanme server) server settings on your laptop or PC to use either OpenDNS or Google Public DNS will surely decrease buffering time of the YouTube videos and even increase your browsing speed.

Google claims that making use of its Public DNS service can improve your Internet browsing speed by optimizing the traffic routes around you and your destination servers.

Modifying the DNS settings from your laptop or computer differs on what Windows version you are using.

For Windows 7 & 8, just follow the steps below:

1. Open up Control Panel. Select Network and Internet, and then click on the “View network status and tasks”.

2. Look for the Access type: Internet, then the word “Connection” and then just click the link adjacent to it.

3. A new window will pop-up, click on “Properties” on it.

4. Click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), and the click on “Properties” again. You should see the same window as seen on the below screenshot.

DNS setting using Google Public DNS

5. Select the “Use the following DNS server address:” and the enter

  • Preferred DNS server:
  • Alternate DNS server:

Final Points

I hope that the tricks that are listed in here helped you watch YouTube videos without buffering, or speed up the beffering for those who had slower Internet connection .

I know that not everyone has that fast Internet connection with them and I am positive that these tricks will come in handy to you.

Got any tips related to making YouTube videos faster? If you do then feel free to giveaway those tricks not mentioned on this article.

Let me find out them using the comments just below.