HTML5 vs Flash on Games

HTML5 vs Flash on Games

Past recent reports on HTML5 vs Flash, and countless articles states the HTML5 is the new flash and would be the one true future for Internet video. But who is really winning in terms of the games area? HTML5 vs Flash on games, who is your bet? HTML5 strong points is that it is now being supported on majority of mobile devices, and in it is being accepted as the best way to create and develop content in browser that would work in mobile platforms. So in short, if you want to create or develop a content that would be applicable to majority of browsers particularly in mobile platform, do it in HTML5. While Flash, strong points is that it had continuously provided richest content in the browsers and the internet.

html5 vs flash

In the gaming world of browsers, social gaming giant Zynga is trying to balance the two said technologies, as some of its games supports HTML5 and flash. Which is quite a very good move, because they are ready to handle different key technologies in the browsers. But who is really winning on the game department, is it HTML5 or Flash? Below is a information chart on HTML5 vs Flash on Games by One More Level, a game website, which has some of the key points and advantages for both HTML5 and Flash.

html5 vs flash on games

I’m actually curious on how software game developers and gaming app developers think of this, and will flash developers move to HTML5? So, after reading this, what do you think, HTML5 vs Flash on games, who would win?