Incognito Mode is Not Just For Porn! Other Uses of Private Browsing

Incognito Mode is the private browsing mode for Google Chrome and is known to be “porn” mode, due to its use in browsing said sites. But you should know that there are a lot of very useful purposes for it.

In a nutshell, it is a feature for the Google Chrome browser and what Incognito Mode does is that it allows you to browse without your browser saving the pages you view in your browser history or even the search history. This way whenever you are browsing websites you have visited won’t leave traces like cookies, temporary internet files, browser history, search history, download history and web form history on your computer. In Internet Explorer, this private browsing mode is called “inPrivate Browsing” and “Private Browsing” for Mozilla Firefox.

Uses of Incognito Mode

Before we tackle it uses, let us first show you how you can access it and what it looks like for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

For Google Chrome: (Press CTRL + SHIFT + N) or (ALT + F Then press I) to access Incognito Mode

incognito mode

For Mozilla Firefox: (Press CTRL + SHIFT + P) or (ALT + F Then press W) to access Private Browsing

private browsing

For Internet Explorer: (Press CTRL + SHIFT + P) or (ALT + T + I) to access inPrivate Browsing

inprivate browsing

Below is a list of uses for this private browsing feature. Read all of its uses to utilize the mode in its full potential.

Incognito Mode List of Uses:

  • For p0rn stuffs.
  • Logging in a second website (e.g. second login for Gmail, Facebook, etc.)
  • Viewing social media sites like Facebook on Public computers.
  • It allows quick logout when you exit the browser. Upon closing the browser, you are already logged out on your account. Perfect for Facebook, emails, Paypal, etc.
  • Check for price discrimination particularly Airline websites, as it won’t allow saving cookies thus won’t get your airfare higher. Some Airline ticket websites have been guilty of this, their site saves a cookie in your browser which gives you a higher airfare because of the webpages you have visited while researching for cheaper ticket.
  • Automatically disables extensions for sites that don’t cooperate.
  • Unbiased Google search results as results won’t be based on your previous searches.
  • Online shopping, so any other person who uses the computer won’t see what you are looking for.
  • For printing multiple coupons, as some sites monitor if you already had been there.
  • Use it on your friend’s computer or laptop to keep him knowing what you have been browsing.
  • See how your Facebook profile looks to the public.
  • View profiles in LinkedIn, without them knowing you have checked out their profile.
  • General private browsing.