Is Gangnam Style Plagiarized? See Alleged Copied Video

There is a story sweeping through the internet that suspicion is being raised by Japanese netizens about “Gangnam Style” choreography being plagiarized.

Is Gangnam Style Plagiarized? See alleged copied video, and tell your thoughts about it on the comment section.

Gangnam Style is a 2012 Korean pop single by South Korean rapper, PSY. The music video of Gangnam Style has been viewed over 192 Million times in YouTube as of September 17, 2012, thus making it the most watched K-pop video in YouTube.

Gangnam Style choreography instantly went viral as it was widely praised for its humor, catchy style, and unusual dance moves by PSY. Watching PSY as he dances with the Gangnam Style music makes you want to dance and learn the moves. The dance moves became a hit and is super popular across various countries, making people upload their own videos in YouTube while dancing Gangnam Style.

Is Gangnam Style Plagiarized?

Is Gangnam Style Plagiarized? See Alleged Copied Video below.

Some Japanese netizen claims that PSY copied Gangnam Style choreography of a Japanese automobile advertisement.  The advertisement video shows a female in cowboy costume dancing along with back up dancers in an electronic song.

[iframe 560 315]

On September 14, Japanese netizen posted a video of car advertisement in an online community board. In the car advertisement video, dancers are wearing yellow cowboy hats while dancing and turning their hands holding a rope as there dance move. The netizen who posted this video claimed that “Gangnam Style” plagiarized this part of its dance choreography from the Japansese car advertisement.

Others defended that the Japanese advertisement video is a rip-off  of Kpop’s group Koyote’s 1998 song and video, “Soon Jeong“.

[iframe 560 315]

While other netizens stated that they don’t care about the cowboy dance, as many people do it plus there are a lot of horse dances in the world.

Despite the controversy, PSY is still silent about this. The original Gangnam Style video on the other hand, remained number one music video in YouTube 100.

[iframe 560 315]

So what do you think? Is Gangnam Style plagiarized? See alleged copied video above. For now, let’s hear and watch PSY Gangnam Style above. Share this to your friends so you would know what their opinions about this.