Jon Bon Jovi Dead News Hoax!

Jon Bon Jovi Dead News Hoax!

Jon Bon Jovi dead hoax is making a ruckus. Fake internet news says that rock star, Jon Bon Jovi died at 49, on December 19, 2011, Monday. Seems like Twitter and Facebook made this topic go viral. The hoax confirms that Jon Bon Jovi died in New Jersey during his world tour.

Well good thing this is only a hoax. See Jon Bon Jovi Died site for more details about the Jon Bon Jovi Dead Hoax.

Jon Bon Jovi also showed a proof that he’s not dead. In the picture, you can see that Jon Bon Jovi, holding a sign board that says “Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey”, humorous enough to say that he’s definitely alive and the rumors spreading are all false.

Jon Bon Jovi Dead Hoax

More and more internet hoax are spreading, which tend to make people uneasy especially if it has someone they know, seems like Twitter and Facebook are good social media to make things viral.

Jon Bon Jovi Dead News Hoax video

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