Laptop Does Not Turn On, Power Problem

Pinoy IT Tech Support – Computer Problems Frequently Ask Question (FAQ) Q&A:  Laptop Does Not Turn On, Power Problem.  

Question:  Help, my laptop does not turn on. I cannot power on my laptop. How can I fix, my laptop power problem?


Laptop Does Not Turn On, Power Problem
Your first suspect is obviously the problem may be in the battery. But you will not believe how often the battery is ok, and the power adapter has been unplugged by another person. So take a look at the battery charging light and if it is off, go find the other end of the power cable and plug the charger in. If it is plugged in but the battery is still not charging, it may have failed, but another common problem is a failed safety fuse of the electrical grid of the building. Check it out and in case it is OK, start searching more complex solutions (or call service technician). If your battery is too old, it may have failed, so if you have a spare one it is always a good idea to put it on to see if the problem is solved.

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