Laptop Maintainance Tips

Laptop Maintainance Tips

Learn some laptop maintainance tips to prolong your laptop life. Make your laptop healthy and happy with these wonderful laptop maintainance tips. This is a guide for regular laptop users who tend to use their laptop everyday.

Everyday as you use your laptop, you tend to forget that your laptop works hard for you without asking anything in return, and technology like our laptops, tend to be part of our lives, especially if our work includes working with technology. Well as some people can easily replace their laptops, but still it is more better if we can prolong our laptop’s life especially if the laptop has high-end specs. It is generally wiser to keep it working properly, than to spend money on buying another one. Also, take care of your laptop and for sure you will have less visits to a laptop repair center. With this, take this time to read this guide and learn some laptop maintainance tips, in order to prolong your laptop life making it healthy and happy as years go by.


Here are some laptop maintainance tips that could prolong your laptop life. Follow this guides and tips, and for sure you’ll be running your laptop with almost the same performance as you had bought it new.

Clean your laptop on outside. Cleaning your laptop is a way of extending its life. Cleaning is an internal and external process. Clean your laptop outside, removing dirts and dust particles, also clean your laptop screen. Be careful though in cleaning your laptop screen, as you can damage your LCD screen.

Clean your laptop on inside. Yes, cleaning your laptop are on two ways, on the outside and on the inside. Cleaning your laptop inside means backing up your data with external drives or portable flash drives, organizing your icons, defraging your hard disk, emptying your recycle bin regularly, and uninstalling programs that you do not use. Freeing up space in your laptop makes it perform better and increase its productivity.

Shutdown properly. Before shutting down your laptop, be sure to close all open programs, then shutdown your laptop properly. Do not forcefully shutdown your laptop, as this will skip the proper shutdown process.

Protect your laptop. If you are commuting, then buy or use a bag with a laptop holder. This way your laptop is protected as you move around or carry around.

Stay away from water. Yes, being a human you need at least 8 glasses of water to make your body in condition and healthy, but this rule is not applicable with laptops. Water may not be your laptop’s enemy but more of it can drain your laptops life. If however water or liquid was spilled in your laptop, you should react immediately. Shutdown you laptop, remove the battery, then dry the laptop as much as you can. Rice can also be used to save your laptops life after a spill.

Work with your laptop in a productive environment. Working with your laptop in a proper workspace will make it survive the years to come. Make sure that you use your laptop in a desk or table that is not blocking its fan. Keep the climate at bay, and buying some laptop fans will do the trick. Take care of the cable outlets and cable, place it away from aisle where people walk.

Your laptop can do wonders for you, as some even make money online at home using their laptop. Yes, you can always buy a new laptop with great specs, but it is wiser to stick in using your laptop especially if it has already some high specs. Also in terms of budget, taking care of your laptop properly means less vistis from laptop repair centers plus you won’t be replacing parts every now and then. The guidelines and steps above are easy and simple to follow. Practice these laptop tips, and make it a habit in order for your laptop to be healthy and happy. Follow these laptop maintaince tips and for sure you and your laptop will be together in more years to come.


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