League of Legends Database Compromised By Hackers

League of Legends players database account information accessed by hackers. Read here for more details about the League of Legends account security alert. League of Legends, a popular real-time strategy video game inspired by Defense of the Ancients (DotA) custom map for Warcraft 3, announced in its community news that there was a breach of account security, as some player account information was accessed.

After investigation of security experts, LoL determined that personal player data containt in EU West and EU Nordic and East database were accessed, thus made Riot email players concerning the security breach. Critical data have been accessed including email address, encrypted account password, date of birth, summoner name, and first and last name, and the encrypted security question and answer for some players.

league of legends

It is now advised by Riot League of Legends (LoL) management to change your passwords.

Notes on changing password:

  • To change password visit account management at League of Legends account
  • Please use a good password (make it unique, make it long, and mix it up with different numbers and special characters)
  • Be cautious in opening emails, as compromised account emails may receive phising attempts

For reference and full news about it see the League of Legends Account Security Alert