Learn To Code Online This 2012!

Learn To Code Online This 2012!

Wanted to a programmer? Do not have money for training? Or cannot find any programming training schools? Well Code Year is here. Learn to code online this 2012, while millions of people learned to code in 2011, join them now in 2012!

How to learn to code online this 2012?

Build your coding skills, make your New Year’s resolution this 2012 to learn how to code. Code Year gives new interactive programming lesson sent to you each week. Start learning how to build apps and web sites before you know it.

An Introduction to Code Year


Staff from Codeacademy teamed up with a number of partners like Girl Develop It, YCombinator and Techstarts to be able to help making programming skills a reality for those who wanted they had them, with Code Year, a program designed specifically for those who wanted to build their technical skills this 2012. This way to will learn to code online.

Get hooked up with new programming course each week by just signing up with their free service. The courses will be a mixture of everything to get subscribers have their basics build up, beginning with Javascript, moving to server-side programming languages like Python and Ruby. This curriculum hopes to turn people into competent developers in the coming end of the year.

Go and learn to code online this 2012! Sign-up with Code Year now and start building your technical skills!