Make WordPress More Secure From Malicious Code

Want to make your WordPress site more secure from malicious code and unwanted scripts? Ever wanted to know if your WordPress theme is safe? In this guide, you’ll be learning how to make WordPress more secure from malicious code and unwanted scripts. So why do you want your WordPress theme more secure? Securing your WordPress theme will make you safely enjoy it, plus you’ll never be bothered by the security of your theme.

Having a secure WordPress blog or site, means less trouble for you. Some of the WordPress themes that are freely available and downloaded online contains potentially damaging scripts or malicious codes. I for myself had experience it. There are some themes that I have used in the past that had small or hidden snippets of code that are obfuscated, or encrypted and I do not know what it does, or if it will have an effect on my site.

How to make WordPress more secure from malicious code?

Use TAC or Theme Authencity Checker WordPress plugin. If installed, TAC will search for the source files of every installed WordPress theme for some signs of malicious code or unwanted script. If a suspect code is found, TAC displays the path to the theme file, as well as the line number, and small snippet of the suspected code.


Reasons why some WordPress Themes contains obfuscated codes?

Here are some of the reasons, why some of the free WordPress themes have some obfuscated codes.

1. The theme author wants to protect his “author” and “theme” link.

2. The author wants to trigger a malicious script (javascript, php code) when the theme was used. It may contain variety of undesirable payloads, like hijacking attempts and promoting third party sites.

How to install TAC (Theme Authenticity Checker) to make your WordPress site more secure?

1. Download the latest version of the TAC in

2. Upload tac.php tp the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress site

3. Activate the TAC plugin, through the “Plugins” menu

4. From the WordPress Admin Dashboard, go to Design, then TAC

5. The results of the scan will be shown for each theme with the filename and line number of any suspected threats

6. After displaying the results, you can click on the path to the theme file, and edit in the WordPress Theme editor

Making sure that your WordPress theme is secure, is one of the ways of making your WordPress site or blog safe. While some the WordPress themes may potentially harm your WordPress site, there are ways to know if it can and prevent it. TAC or Theme Authenticity Checker) checks your WordPress themes for malicious codes or potentially unwanted scripts. It will check if one of your WordPress theme has an encrypted code in it. With the help of this guide, hope you learn how to make your WordPress more secure from malicious code.


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