Microsoft Claims Windows 10 To Be The Most Secure Windows O.S.

According to Microsoft, Windows 10 is the “most secure Windows ever”. Microsoft boasts the built-in security protections of Windows 10 which will be released within this week. The operating system offers new features which includes safeguard against viruses, phishing, and malware.

microsoft windows 10 most sercure os

Windows 10 will be offered as a free upgrade to eligible users (owners with original licenses for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 as long as they update within the first year). Its regular price for Windows 10 Home is $119 for Windows 10 Professional is $199.

Features/Reasons Why Windows 10 Will Be The Most Secure Windows O.S.:

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Windows Hello – In the future Microsoft wants to completely abandon passwords. With Windows 10, it supports three types of login/authentication – Fingerprint Scanning, Facial Recognition and Iris Scanning. By just using your fingerprint or even with just your face, Windows will greet you “Hello” be logged in. This way you do not need to remember password as with the biometric alternative login, you – yourself is the “password”.

Microsoft Edge – Initially developed as “Project Spartan” and was renamed to Microsoft Edge, it is designed to be the most secure browser the Microsoft has released. It uses “sandboxing technology” where it runs in its own isolated and protected space which makes it harder for malware to infect programs running on the same computer.

SmartScreen – Microsoft SmartScreen is a browser features that helps protect you against phishing attacks that tries to steal identities and personal data. It assesses websites (even software) using a cloud based app reputation service for potential threats.

Windows Defender – Included in Windows 10, is the Windows Defender which is an anti-malware solution to help users stay protected against evolving malwares and threats. It uses a cloud geo-distributed service that leverages data from over one billion devices to detect and remove malware quickly.

Family Features – In Windows 10, you can assign an account (create a local account or their own Microsoft account) to your child. The child’s account can be added to the Family. From there, you can set up family features including blocking of certain websites (e.g. adult related), apps and games that are not appropriate for their age. You can also set PC time limits and review their recent activities via activity reports. Soon the “Family” will be adding features including tracking your child’s purchases, and letting them spend safely in the Windows store, without sharing your own credit card.