Play Angry Birds on Facebook

Play Angry Birds on Facebook

Angy Birds is now on Facebook! The addictive furious fowl game by Rovio along with disgruntled birds is now on Facebook. Yes the hit multi-platform game app, Angry Birds, as seen in over different mobile and desktop versions is finally in Facebook.

What do you expect new things from Angry Birds in being a Facebook gaming app? Well, along with the “angry birds” the game itself will add some social components as Facebook is a social networking site, plus new power-ups can be used, and there will be some Facebook only levels you can play.

Angry Birds on Facebook
Being a hit with gamers of all types, namely from casual to pro gamers, the addictive Angry Birds game has been downloaded over 700 million times since it was release in December 2009 in the Apple Store, and having a version for Facebook seems like a very wise move for Rovio, as Facebook has over 800 million users, so expect “Angry Birds” to be a trend in the social networking world of Facebook.

Angry Birds on Facebook was officially been launched on February 14, Valentine’s Day. So prepare to use some power ups in supercharging your “birds” and pop some pigs faster and better than ever. Play Angry Birds on Facebook, show off your high score or beat your friend’s new high score. Compete for some golden crowns with your friends! Hope some facebook game guides will come out for Angry Birds, so players can beat some levels with ease, as Angry Birds Beta Facebook game has three game options, namely the Poached Eggs, Surf and Turf, and the Mighty Hoax.

How to Play Angry Birds on Facebook?

Click here to play Angry Birds Facebook app.


Here are some Angry Birds on Facebook Game Screenshots







Watch the Angry Birds on Facebook Trailer

Ok, enough of the pics and videos as some birds will become angry already. Time to do some popping pig action, super scoring, and use some angry birds to set a new high score record. Have fun playing. Pop some pigs and start charging your disgruntled birds. Play Angry Birds on Facebook!

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