Risks of using Nulled and Pirated WordPress Themes in your Blog

Get to know the risks of using nulled premium WordPress themes or pirated WordPress themes. Learn how it can harm and damage your blog or site. Nulled premium WordPress themes or pirated wordpress themes are heavily available in the Internet. You can now find and download nulled WordPress themes at ease. However, you may not know that there are some risks involved, and it can cause damage to your website.

Several bloggers or site owners may be using a nulled premium WordPress theme, that they have found and downloaded in the Internet. While they happily are using it, they may not know some issues that they are going to face. Premium Wordress themes prices may vary from being cheap to overly priced, depending on its features and assets available. With these several bloggers preferred searching and looking for nulled themes, and little that they know, there are risks of using it. Below is a list of how nulled WP themes can affect and harm your site.

How Nulled WordPress Themes can Damage your Blog?

Here is an infographic which shows the risks of using nulled WordPress themes, and how it can harm your blog or site.

nulled wordpress themes

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1. Nulled themes often include a hidden malware and iframe codes in it, which may result into hijacking your website or blog.

2. The company of the theme you are using, may take legal action against you.

3. You web hosing provider may suspend your hosting account.

4. Your blog or site may be controlled and accessed by a “hidden” administrator.

5. Google and other search engines may flag your blog as a spam or harmful site.

6. Antivirus and anti-spyware softwares may see your site as a malware.

7. Your website or blog, may be removed or deindexed from Google and other search engines.

Using a nulled or pirated WordPress theme in your blog may damage your site. There are many free WordPress themes available with can give a look of a premium theme, and these themes are 100% safe for you to use. However if you have some budget, you can avail premium WordPress themes, as there are sites, that offer high quality WordPress themes for just a cheap price. Enjoy and have fun as you learned about the risks of using nulled and pirated WordPress themes in your blog.

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