RUMOR says Xbox 360 2012 would be Windows 8 Compatible

RUMOR says Xbox 360 2012 would be Windows 8 Compatible

There quite some ruckus spreading that the Xbox 360 would be compatible with Windows 8, well we do not have some evidence to it as yet. Continue to read this article as why and how is that Xbox 360 could be Windows 8 compatible.

Xbox 360

But industry analys Michael Pachter, speaks out that a new Xbox will be released in 2012 and instead being entirely a new console, it would be only an iteration of the Xbox 360 in 2012, which will use the much awaited Microsoft operating system (which is already in Beta) Windows 8.

Well actually if you analyze the prediction, there is a huge possibility that it will come true as, Microsoft has begun integrating the Windows operating system into many of its device like the Windows phone. Also take note that, Xbox live is introducing it’s new feauters like the Bing, in its upcoming fall dashboard update, which is the search engine created by Microsoft.

If this rumor is true, then gamers can enjoy more time playing with the Xbox, especially those who just got theirs with Black Deals and Cyber Monday Thanksgiving retail events, as they don’t need to buy out immediately the next generation console.