Samsung Sends 30 Trucks With $1.05 Billion Filled up With 5 Cent Coins

There is a story sweeping through the internet that Samsung has paid Apple with $1.05 Billion and sends 30 trucks filled up with 5 cent coins to Apple’s main office. While this kind of funny, do not believe this story as this is just a hoax.

Samsung sends 30 trucks with $1.05 Billion filled up with 5 cent coins to Apple’s main office is a hoax.

The origin of the hoax appears to be a Spanish site citing about Samsung sent 30 trucks filled with coins of 5 cents at the Apple’s headquarters in California. See the translated text below.

This morning came more than 30 trucks filled with coins of 5 cents at Apple’s headquarters in California, initially the security company that protects the facility and said it was diverted in the wrong place, but minutes Later, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) received a similar call from her and explaining that Samsung pay them a trillion dollars for the fine to the court recently ruled against the South Korean company.

The Samsung sends 30 trucks hoax was also popularized by a meme on 9Gag. See the meme pic from 9gag below.

Samsung sends 30 trucks

While Apple have won the patent lawsuit against Samsung, the story above that Samsung sending 30 trucks filled with 5 cents coins to Apple, carrying $1.05 Billion is just an internet hoax.

Also if you really think of it, $1 billion is equals to 20,000,000,000 5 cent coins, and assuming each has volume of 0.59 ml, and then the total volume will be 11,800,000,000 mL or 11,800,000 L. A huge tank truck can carry over 34, 000 L. So in short, you need roughly 347 trucks to carry all the money to Apple’s headquarter not 30 trucks.

True story of it, is that the federal jury of California did ordered Samsung to pay Apple slightly more than $1 Billion. As the jury, found out that Samsung, the world’s largest maker of smartphones had essentially stolen iPhone and iPad technology.  Some do predict that the ruling will force phone and tablet manufacturers to go back to the drawing board, and seek designs on smartphones and tablets that wouldn’t violate Apple patents.

If ever you seen an article or post about that Samsung sends 30 trucks with $1.05 Billion filled up with 5 cent coins to Apple’s main office, do not believe it. This is just a false story and hoax. Share this to your friends or family so that they would know.

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