SEO Strategies for Google Penguin Update to Win Back Google Traffic

Here are some detailed SEO strategies you can use for the Google Penguin update and win back Google traffic. Read and learn the best easy to understand SEO strategies you can apply for your website.

As Google Penguin update wreaked havoc on search engine results and has affected a number of small business websites, many webmasters have been searching for ways and SEO strategies they can use for the Google Penguin update and win back Google traffic.  Many business owners at the same time have spent money, time, and energy trying to boost their website rankings by maximizing SEO, though still had been stricken by the Google Penguin update. This article will help you learn some of the best straight to the point sure fire ways in making Google love your website again.

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What’s Google Penguin Update All About?

Google constantly strives to update their search algorithm, and Penguin update is the latest of it. Google Penguin is all about weeding out spammy sites that have been using spam techniques in order to cheat Google search algorithm system and boost their search engine ranking pages.

Google Penguin is supposed to help websites with high quality content to reach the top of Google search results and knock out spam sites out of place. Unfortunately, if you website happen to be a victim of the new update then chances are there’s a major decrease in your typical traffic flow from Google search engine.

In order to bring back Google trust and regain or increase your page rank, proceed in following and applying the SEO strategies below.

SEO Strategies for Google Penguin Update

1. Avoid keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing means adding your keyword multiple times in your content without setting limits. Internet marketers worked within having a keyword density of 2 to 4 percent, which limits the number of times that your keyword appears in your content and prevent considering your content as “keyword stuffed” by search engines. For example, in a 500 words of content, your keyword should not be appearing more than 10 times.

2. Fix your backlinks. Google is now looking for what is considered to be “unnatural backlinks”. Many business websites use backlinks anchored to keywords to help increase their SEO, but Google is now making sure that your website should only be using natural backlinks.

3. Create high quality content. If you are learning SEO, chances are that you have read this numerous times. The reason why you always read and hear this is that it’s always true. Content is the king. It is more important to have a content that provides high quality information which goes in a natural flow in the tone of an actual person rather than a robot.

4. Use Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools helps you keep your website rank high and ensure that you are creating the best website for your business, readers, and customers. The Webmaster Tool provides insight into what you need to do in order to rank better in search engines. Google Webmaster Tools notify you in case any of your content appears as spammy and informs you if there are any technical problems appear on your site.

While Google Penguin update knocked down several small business websites, they are not intended to bring down legitimate websites. The updates are simply there to weed out contents that does not deserve high ranking because of sly techniques. Treat Google Penguin Update as an opportunity to improve your website and make it better.

Hope these SEO Strategies for Google Penguin update helps you win back Google Traffic.