Sixth Grader iOS App developer Speaks at TEDx

Sixth Grader iOS App developer Speaks at TEDx

Unlike most of his peers of his age who are probably watching cartoons, Thomas Suarez of Manhattan Beach, California, a sixth grader is already creating iOS apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and now he is giving a talk about it in TED Talks.

The sixth grader gave a talk at TEDxManhattanBeach in which he told his fascination for computers and technology, his iOS apps, his plans for the future, and the inspiration he got from the late Steve Jobs.

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Thomas Suarez has released several apps on the Apple App Store including a unique fortune-telling app called Earth Fortune, different colors of Earth depending on what your fortune was. He told that his favorite and most successful app was been Bustin Jieber, a Justin Beiber Whack-a-Mole. “I created it because a lot of people at school disliked Justin Bieber a little bit,” he told in his TEDx talk.

Sixth Grader iOS App developer Speaks at TEDx

Bustin Jieber

After learning himself programming basics in Python, C, and Java, Thomas Suarez, took up Apple’s SDK and Xcode. “I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from Steve Jobs,” he says. Inspired, he started an App Club at his school, because “not many kids know where to go to find out how to make a program.” As he sees it, “for soccer, you could go to a soccer team, and for violin, you could get a lesson from a violinist.” But even parents might not be a resource, since as he rightly points out, “not many of them have written apps.”

The club is working with their teachers to get feedback to see what kinds of apps they like, which will eventually be distributed to local school districts free of charge, and sold to others, and all the moeny from that will go to local foundations.