Smart Bro Power Plug-It Review – User Experience Test

So, I’ve finally bought Smart Bro Power Plug-It in a Smart Wireless Center retail outlet, and upon buying it, I’ve sign a waiver, and it is more about the product’s limits. For starters, Smart Bro Power Plug-It, is basically a USB Internet Prepaid dongle or a USB modem that allows you to have internet access. It’s price is P1,245 (pesos) and usage fee of P10 (pesos) for every 30 minutes, although you can avail Unlisurf, and connected via USB. Here is an honest Smart Bro Plug-It Review according to what I’ve experience after buying it.

According to Smart Bro Power Plug-It site, it has a speed of up to 5Mbps. So just after buying Smart Bro Power Plug-It, I opened the box and quickly looked at the back of my Smart Bro Power Plug-It. I did this because I’ve learned that it comes 2 models, the MF180 and MF190. You can check by looking at the back of your Power Plug-It. I’ve made sure that mine was MF190, because I’ve read some reports that MF180 maximum is only up to 3.6Mbps, and MF190 is the one with Mbps, so better check yours if you are going to buy one.

Unboxing a new Smart Bro Power Plug-It

Smart Bro Power Plug-It comes with:

  • 240 hours of free internet surfing (valid for 10 days)
  • Smart Bro Power Plug-It User Guide
  • ZTE Corporation Warranty Card
  • Smart Bro Sim Card

Smart Bro Power Plug-It Hardware Design

Smart Bro Power Plug-It Hardware Design

Smart Bro Power Plug-It Hardware Design

The Smart Bro Power Plug-It comes with a simple design, its colored in black with some orange highslights. It has a circle indicator lights for signal and connection. For the desing, I think it will not be broken easily in case it accidentally slips in your hand and fall into the ground.

Smart Bro Power Plug-It User Interface

Smart Bro Power Plug-It User Interface

Smart Bro Power Plug-It User Interface

It’s UI comes with an option to send or read SMS, check balance, make voice calls, and settings for editing your connection.

Smart Bro Power Plug-It Speed

User Experience Test

Note that these tests were done at night around 8:30 P.M. to 8:50 P.M. (October 18, 2011)


After clearing my browser’s cache, (I’m using Google Chrome), I’ve navigated to website. My Smart Bro Power Plug-it show I’ve been connected via HSPA with a full signal.

Local Test Servers

First Speedtest – Server: Salcedo, Makati

Speedtest - Salcedo, Makati (Smart Bro Power Plug-It)

So my first was a Speedtest in Salcedo, Makati, you could see the result below. I do not know what happened It says “Latency Test Error”, “Latency test returned an error while trying to read the latency file”, “Try Again”. Well it seems like I cannot test it with this server.

Speedtest Result: Salcedo, Makati - Smart Bro Power Plug-It

Second Speedtest – Server: Greenhills

Speedtest - Greenhills (Smart Bro Power Plug-It)

My second Speedtest was in Greenhills, the pings looks great but the result doesn’t meet my expectations. See result below.

Speedtest Result: Greenhills  - Smart Bro Power Plug-It

Third Speedtest – Server: Quezon City

Speedtest - Quezon City (Smart Bro Power Plug-It)

My third Speedtest was in Quezon City, which had the same result with the first one. It say “Latency Test Error”. See result below.

Speedtest Result: Quezon City - Smart Bro Power Plug-It

International Test Servers

Fourth Speedtest – Server: New York, NY [US] – Optimum Online
See result below

Speedtest Result - New York, NY [US] - Optimum Online (Smart Bro Power Plug-It)

Fifth Speedtest – Server: New York, NY [US] – Towerstream
See result below

Speedtest Result - New York, NY [US] - Towerstream (Smart Bro Power Plug-It)

Summary: Here’s my honest opinion. I’m currently not happy with the results. I expect at least 2Mbs of download speed. I do not know if my place affects my speed but in my control panel for Smart Bro Power Plug-It shows that I have full signal.


For download test, I’ve navigated to and tried downloading Windows 8 Developer Preview English, 64-bit (x64), about 3.6GB in size.

In my case, the download speed, seems to be playing around from 60KB/s to 65KB/s, note that I do not have any other application using the internet, except for Google Chrome which the iso file is being downloaded. See result below.

Download Speed Test - Smart Bro Power Plug-It

Summary: I’m not satisfied with the download speed result, I thought it would have around ~200KB/s but to my dismay it only clock from 60KB/s to 65KB/s. I do not know if Microsoft website limits the download speed for their files, I do not have any other source of internet right now to compare the speed in another connection not using the Smart Bro Power Plug-It.


In testing the torrent speed, I’m using uTorrent as my client (version: uTorrent 2.2 build 23703) and will be downloading (Fedora-16-Beta-i686-Live-KDE.torrent) Fedora 16 Beta i686 Live KDE (670MB) from

So with 37 Seeders, I’m having a speed of 5KB/s to 13KB/s. See pic below.

Torrent Download Speed Test - Smart Bro Power Plug-It

Final Thoughts and Conclusion:
I’m quite displeased with the results, considering that it has been performing way below my expectations. Right now, I’ll be doing more research about Smart Bro Plug-It as to why is that it has been performing poor to me and might as well be searching for some tweaks which maybe can help me speed up my Smart Bro Power Plug-It, hope I can find one or two.


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