Speed Test: Windows 8 vs. Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Want to know which desktop operating system is better in terms of speed performance? Read Windows 8 vs Mac OS X Mountain Lion speed test article and know which is faster.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Apple’s Mac OS X Mountain Lion are the two of the latest and great operating systems as of today. Here is a speed test article that provides information on how these two operating systems matched up in terms of speed performance.

PCMag tested both Windows 8 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion with some of the popular benchmark softwares to know which one is better in terms of performance workload.

windows 8 vs mountain lion

Windows 8 vs Mountain Lion Speed Performance Test

Hardware used for speed testing by PCMag:

  • 13-inch MacBook Pro (2012 2.9GHz Core i7 with 8GB RAM)

Operating Systems used for speed testing :

  • Windows 8 RTM (64 bit) – installed via Boot Camp
  • Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Tests that were performed:

1. Startup and Shutdown

Startup was timed from the click of the disk boot choice up to a functional desktop home screen, with no wait spinner spinning.

Shutdown was timed at the moment of hitting the Shutdown, and stopped when the fans went silent.

2. iTunes Ripping Test

The test measures how long ripping a CD (Buen Vista Social Club) took for each of the operating systems.

3. Geekbench Test

Geekbench 2.3, being a cross platform benchmark and run several benchmark tests like memory stream test, prime number Mandelbrot, blowfish encryption, text compression, blug, and image sharpen was used for testing.

4. Web Benchmarks Test

For Web browser benchmark tests, several softwares are used to measure the browsers performance. This includes SunSpider JavaScript benchmark, Mozilla’s Kraken 1.1, and Psychedelic Browsing. In addition to Mozilla Firefox browser installed, OS’s native browsers are also used for each of the operating system: Safari for Mac OS X Mountain Lion and Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8 RTM.

5. File Copy Test

For the File Copy test PCMag used a folder containing 20 files weighing in at 636MB, and simply timed how long it will take to copy it from a fast USB thumb drive (16GB Corsair Flash Voyager GT) to the MacBook Pro running Windows 8 and then Mountain Lion.

Windows 8 RTM vs Mac OS X Mountain Lion Speed Test Results: 

Mac OS X Mountain Lion Windows 8 RTM
Startup (seconds, lower is better) 26.9 19.6
Shutdown (seconds, lower is better) 5.5 11.9
CD Ripping in iTunes (min:sec – lower is better) 3:42 3:47
Geekbench 2.2 64-bit score (higher is better) 8706 10068
Geekbench 2.2 32-bit score (higher is better) 7918 7549
SunSpider in Firefox 15 (ms, lower is better) 167 158
SunSpider in Safari/IE10 156 105
Mozilla Kraken 1.1 in Firefox 15 (ms, lower is better) 2510 2301
Mozilla Kraken 1.1 in Safari/IE10 (ms, lower is better) 2427 4352
Psychedelic Browsing in Firefox (RPM, higher is better) 1062 5709
Psychedelic Browsing in Safari/IE10 (RPM, higher is better) 3645 7224
Large file folder copy (seconds, smaller is better) 23.2 26.6
*Green cells denote the winner.

Results provided by PCMag 

Judging from the results, it seems that Windows 8 feels snappy as it was indeed fast in several test cases. While it’s hard to make a direct apple to apple comparison, results did shows that Windows 8 is on par with Mac OS X Mountain Lion when it comes to performance. So which do you think is better? Is it Windows 8 or Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Hopefully this Speed Test article on Windows 8 vs. Mac OS X Mountain Lion helped you decide which OS suits you.

Source: PCMag