Ten Technology Vision for 2012!

Ten Technology Vision for 2012!

Year 2012 is coming within just a few hours, and it is very known that 2011 was a year for a massive rapid development of technology products, however there are still much more room for improvement. With this let’s read some of the 10 major visions in science and technology in 2012! Treat this like a weather forecast, while this visions may or may not happen still we need to analyze what will happen in 2012.

Without further ado, here’s 10 Technology Vision for 2012!

2012 Vision 1: Upgrades and better, plus much easier to use mobile phone camera

With the release of iPhone 4S with has 8MP, not too long that other manufacturers will release their own version of high-leveled megapixels camera phone. Mobile phone camera’s will be used much easier, as taken pictures can be immediately shared via email or via Twitter.

2012 Vision 2: More users will be using Rdio applications

While some people often ask, “How do I get unlimited number of music in iPhone?”, well the answer to that is Rdio. With a monthly cost of only $10, users can download a simple interface like in the iPod which has all the desired music.

2012 Vision 3: Coming of the REAL Google Tablet

This year, Google Inc. announced the acquisition of Motorola’s mobile. While Google moves seems unpredictable, as Google said the Android system will not be given special privileges in Motorala Mobile, however this may not be the case.

2012 Vision 4: 3D TV will not market very well

Few people will buy 3D TV, and they will stick on the original big-screen TV.

2012 Vision 5: Hulu stop the surver “the ad associated with you”

Hulu’s ads are not associated with the user and this is like an advertising survey itself.

2012 Vision 6: Use Siri to unlock iPhone

In 2012, maybe Apple can develop this function, using voice recognizion, rather that entering a password to unlock the iPhone.

2012 Vision 7: More on-demand video synchronized release

Some independent producres may use this way to attract more viewers.

2012 Vision 8: HP WebOS returns

After the announcement to abandon TouchPad, HP announced in December this year that WebOS will provide the open source community. This means WebOS will go head to head with Android, as hardware manufacturers can now choose to use WebOS in their own equipment, replacing Android. WebOS design is very good and easy to use, to it is more likely that this operating system will be reborn.

2012 Vision 9: 7-inches iPad

There are some rumors spreading that Apple is actually more likely to introduce a smaller size of the iPad. Apple’s current lack of a product, size larger than the iPhone and less than the size of the iPad.

2012 Vision 10: Google gives the real reason why to use Google+

As social networking has become the biggest mainstream in 2011, with Facebook and Twitter earning new sign-ups as we speak, Google must give the real reason why use Google+ in 2012. Facebook and Twitter dominates the social networks, and it seems that Google would like want to be a great contender.