The Cost of Being Batman *INFOGRAPHIC*

The Cost of Being Batman: Know how much it would cost if Batman is real.

Here is an infographic that shows how much would if cost if a real-life Batman exists. Pictures are based on the Batman movie featuring Christopher Nolan. To compute for the overall price, it would cost $682 million to be Batman. The infographic made by, shows the detailed price for Batman’s gadgets, high-tech cars, mansion, and training.

Batman’s custom graphite cowl, already cost $1 million, and has the priciest tag in Batman’s costume.  Batman’s vehicles cost for a total of almost $80 million. The Tumbler, Batman’s car with jet engine, armored plating, and machine guns cost $18 million. On the other hand, the Bat, an air vehicle powered by large two propellers costs $60 million. The Batpod, a motorcycle vehicle with 20” wheels cost $1.5 million.

Wayne Manor and the Bat Cave have an estimated cost of $600 million. Batman’s huge arsenal of gadgets and weaponry costs $213,610.

Batman also possesses skills in military, special firearms, and knowledge on several engineering degrees which would cost $1.5 million.

For more details about the cost of being a Batman, refer to the infographic below.

cost of being Batman

Seems like being in being a Batman, you need to be a multi billionaire to fund your crime fighting and saving the world lifesyle. So can you afford being Batman?