Tips for Getting Your Rich Snippet Author Photos to Show in Google Results

Want to start showing your Rich Snippet Author Photos in Google results? Then read this article as we share tips on how to add author information on your article and content links in Google!

Browsing the internet using the Google search, I have found out countless sites that shows the photo of the author that has written the article. Seems like these sites are getting more readers as the photos somewhat compels the searcher to read the article.

Researching more about it, I have found out that this is called the Google Rich Snippet Author Information in search results. In line with the research that I have made, I’ll be sharing some tips on what I have learned to show the Google Rich Snippet Author photos in Google search results.

Rich Snippet Author Photos in Google Results

Note that I have just recently added it in this blog, so chances are mine still won’t show up, though I’ll be happy to share my experiences on how did I add mine based on the articles that I have read about it.

Let’s get started to add Google Rich Snippet Author Photos on our site!

Basically there are two options, if you want your authorship information to appear in search results for the article you have create. While the method was completely documented (see Google Webmaster Help Author Information Search results), we will be going on the steps directly!

Option 1: Link your article to your Google+ profile using your verified email address.

WizTechie comment: Note that I have skipped this option, as I already have a Google+ profile and it is not on the same domain.

Step 1. You should have an email address on the same domain as your article. For example, your article is on, then your email must be on that domain. (eg. Wiz[at]

Step 2. Make sure that each article or post that you publish on that domain has a clear byline identifying you as the author of the article. (eg. “By Wiztechie” or “Author: Wiz Techie”)

WizTechie comment: If you are using WordPress as your blog or site platform, then you are good to go as most of the themes automatically add the author for the written article. 🙂

Step 3. Visit the Google Authorship page and submit your email address to Google.

WizTechie comment: You only need to do this once. Your email will appear in the “Contributor to” section of your Google plus profile. You can also change the visibility of your link , if you want to keep your email private.

Step 4. Time to see if Google can successfully extract the author data on your site. Use Google rich snippets testing tool for this.

Option 2: Set up your authorship by linking your article to your Google+ profile.

WizTechie comment: This is what I did, as find this method easier. 🙂

Step 1: Create a link from your website to your Google+ profile page. Put this code on your website.

<a href=”[profile_url]?rel=author”>Google</a>

Replace the [profile_url] with your Google+ profile URL, see mine:

<a href=””>WizTechie</a>

WizTechie comment: If you are using WordPress as your blogging or website platform, then this is easy!  There are many WordPress plugins that you can use, though I recommend you to use WP About Author plugin.

Just install the plugin, and edit your User Profile. Go to the “About Yourself” section and add data to your “Biographical info”. Here you can see mine! 🙂

wordpress google authorship

Remember to CHANGE the profile_url with yours, and take note of the ?rel=author parameter. If you do not have this then Google won’t assosicate your content with your Google+ page. 🙂

Step 2: From your Google+ profile page, add a reciprocal link back to the website(s) you have updated.

WizTechie comment: This step is really easy! Come and bear with me, as this is the second last step.

Justo go to the “Contributor to” section located in the About section of your Google+ profile, and click Add custom link. Enter your website URL, then click Save.

google plus contributor to

Step 3: Time to check if Google can extract your author data on your website or webpage. Just use Google rich snippets testing tool for this.

WizTechie comment: Just enter your webpage URL and click the Preview button. The tool should not report error if you have successfully did the steps above. 🙂 See my result below.

google rich snippets tool result

So how does it take for Google to add your authorship information in Google search results?

Well that depends on your website traffic! The more traffic your website has, the faster your authorship will show on Google search results. 🙂 I just placed mine so let’s see how long does it takes mine to show authorship information.

How come my Author information is not appearing?

Google Webmaster tools provide a guide why Authorship is not appearing in Google search results. The article guides you on how you should generate data to supply Google enough information for your authorship.  Short article provides important information and is recommended to read.

Are there any videos that can help me with my Google Authorship markup?

Yes there is, and video directly is from Google! Below is a video of Matt Cutts and Other Hansson discussing how to connect author with their articles or content using Google authorship markup.

[iframe 560 315]

Well this seems like a long article, and time to end it. Hopefully you have learned a thing or two! And hope this guide helped you on your quest to add your author photo in Google search results. Until then, cheers!  Wiztechie here at your service.  🙂