Top 5 Most Wanted Tech Skills for 2013

Time to beef up your tech skills this 2013 and know what skills will be in demand this 2013. Here are the Top 5 Most Wanted Tech Skills for 2013. As technology is growing fast each second and for this reason many I.T. or Computer Science related graduates are constantly seeking what area and skill they should be learning. With so many programming languages, platforms, and other technologies, it’s getting harder to know what are you should learn during your free time.

In this article, we listed 5 of the most sought after technology skills for this year that ReadWrite has put together.

If you are looking for tech jobs then you should try to learn the skills listed here as it will help you in the long run whether it’s for freelancing or landing that tech job you’ve always wanted.

top most wanted tech skills 2013

Top 5 In-Demand Technology Skills for 2013

5. Javascript (and related technologies)

With the rise of tablets and smartphones, JavaScript is what makes things interactive on the web. Whether it’s the poular jQuery framework or the JSON data standard, companies need JavaScript talents like never before. The need for JSON programmers are on the rise.

4. Java / J2EE

According to a survey from Dice, there’s going to be a huge demand for Java/J2EE developers throughout 2013. What’s good for Java, is that the demand for the skill is been consistent over time.  So if you have invested in your Java programming skills in 2012, then it’s time to reap what you sow.

3. PHP / MySQL

PHP is currently ranked as the most wanted skill on Elance, along with MySQL and WordPress making the top ten. So if you wanted to go freelancing then it’s wise to learn how to code in PHP and do database with MySQL. PHP is an open source scripting language used by most high profile website that you are using every day like Facebook and Wikipedia. Even popular CMS platforms like WordPress or Drupal uses PHP as well.

2. iOS Development

This is no surprise that iOS developers are one of the most wanted. As users of Apple products in both tablets and smartphones exploded, the demand for iOS developers who can build apps had been sought after. iOS development jobs requires skills in using and programming with Xcode and Objective-C. What’s good in learning iOS development is that you can freelance your skills or even start making your own iPhone and iPad apps and ranking in some cash.

1. HTML5 / CSS

HTML is literally what the Web is made of, along with the cascading style sheets (CSS) which makes the desing looks nice and Javascript for added interactivity. With the huge users of mobile apps, cloud technologies, tablets, and smartphones, the Web grows along with it. As consumers will still need to access hosted services using Web Browsers.

With the big advances of HTML, HTML5 is now supported by the latest Web Browsers and that means your HTML5 code can run on all web browsers including on smart phones and tablets. No doubt that HTML is one of the most wanted job skills in both Elance and Indeed.

Also HTML is much easier to learn compared with the other tech skills in this list.