Top 5 Secure Mega Alternative 2015

File hosting and cloud storage are now quickly becoming a trend with today’s era, as more and more people use computing devices like laptops, smart phones and tablets. With the help of cloud storage services, we can now have quick access to files – which gives us assurance that the file will be available whenever we want them. Today, file hosting providers’ offer services that can automatically upload your mobile phone photos to the cloud and even sync your documents across multiple devices.

Surprisingly there is a lot of free cloud storage you can use these days. Different cloud storage services offers free space where you can store your files – be it photos, documents, or music securely. One of the best cloud storage provider you can use is Mega, but if you are looking for Mega alternatives especially hearing from Kim Dotcom where he answered in a Q&A session that he thinks that data is not safe on Mega anymore, check the list below.

In case you are looking for alternatives, below is a list of cloud storage providers that we’ve hand-picked and considered to be the best file hosting services that are worthy of your data. While these services offer different features availability, it is safe to say that all of them are excellent choice to store and make your files accessible to the cloud.

mega alternatives

Here are the top 5 secure Mega alternatives that we recommend.


Dropbox one of the first cloud storage service provider, stores file data using 256-bit AES encryption and SSL/TLS secure tunnel to transfer your files. Your file data is stored in discrete file blocks which are fragmented and encrypted. Dropbox also features a deletion recovery and version history system where it saves a history of deleted and previous versions of files, allowing you to restore for up to 30 days (free account). Its free account (Dropbox Basic) offers 2GB of space plus you can earn 1GB space by referring it. Dropbox also offers desktop app, web app and mobile apps that lets you access your files from your PC, Mac, browsers, smart phones and tablets.


Box is one of the fastest growing providers of cloud storage and content collaboration. It offers strong security on its service by using secure transmission and encrypted content storage platform. You can sign up for a free personal account on Box which comes with 10 GB storage (250 MB max file size) that you can use to manage and share your files securely in the cloud. Using Box, you can access your files and content anywhere be it on web browsers, tablets, or phones.


Copy uses its Barracuda Cloud Storage where data is encrypted in transit and in cloud using 256-bit AES encryption. By creating an account, you can sync to and from data, share files from any device. It also features a local recovery which uses local cache which helps in event of interruptions with your Internet connection. offers a free basic account with 15 GB of cloud storage with no maximum file size limit, 30 day file revision history and file recover, and mobile app access.

Google Drive + Boxcryptor

You can easily store and access your files anywhere using the Google Drive, whether it’s on the web, hard drive, or on the go. Google Drive offers free 15 GB of storage that you can use across various platforms including Google Photos and Gmail. Google Drive is encrypted with SSL, the same security protocol used on Google services like Gmail, but if you want your data to be really secure – you can add another Boxcryptor secureity layer.

Boxcryptor offers a free service which can be integrated on Google Drive that helps keep your files and folders always protected. Boxcryptor offers a client-side encryption to encrypt your files before sending it to your Google Drive account. Client-side encryption, unlike server-sided encryption, gives no one but you will have the keys for file decryption. Note that Boxcryptor can also be used on Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, SugarSync and many other supported cloud storage service provider.


pCloud is another good personal online storage space provider that uses TLS/SSL encryption. It offers a free basic (free forever) account with up to 20 GB of storage. It features an easy-to-use intuitive interface, 24/7 file accessibility, instant synchronization and easy file share and collaboration options. One of the best advantage that pCloud offers is that there are no file size limitations and no download/upload speed limits. Optionally, you can subscribe with pCloud Crypto to add features like client-side encryption and password protection.