Top 7 Best Linux OS Distributions of 2012

Want to know what are the top 7 best linux OS distributions of 2012? Here you will know the top 7 best linux distributions for you to use. One of the best things in working with a Linux operating system is you get to choose a lot of distributions. Linux distributions depends on what key area or criteria they are built for, in case that you do not know there is no one true distro in Linux. Several Linux users ask what is the greatest and the best Linux distribution of all, but truth to be told, the answer lies upon the user itself that the best and greatest Linux distribution is the one that meets your needs. wrote an article about the best 7 Linux distribution in 2012, and being a fan of Linux, we’re going to share the information to all our readers. According to the author of the article, here is the list of the best Linux distros for 7 different categories:

Best Linux Desktop Distribution:

Linux Mint

Best Linux Laptop Distribution:


Best Linux Enterprise Desktop Distribution:

Red Hat Enterprise

Best Linux Server Distribution:

Red Hat Enterprise

Best Linux Distribution for LiveCD:


Best Linux Security-enhanced Distribution:

BackTrack Linux

Best Linux Multimedia Distribution:

Ubuntu Studio

While its hard to select the best Linux distibution for 2012, the list came out well as there are different categories to choose from. Seems like Red Hat Enterprise did a good job for enterprise and corporate servers support. We are also happy that one of our favorite Linux Distribution for security namely the BackTrack is on the list of the top 7 best Linux distributions.

Overall a the article was great especially for Linux fans. For the complete explanation for each pick, click here to read the full article about the top 7 best Linux OS distributions of 2012.

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