Top 5 Apps to Make Free Calls on Android

If you have been searching for Android apps to make free calls or apps to make calls over WiFi / Internet then this article will help you. We have created a list that contains apps which allows you to make free calls. We listed 5 different apps for you to choose from.

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make free calls on android

This “Top 5 apps to make free calls on Android” list will discuss apps where you can make free calls with your Android mobile phone easier and better. Let us get started.

1. Skype

make free calls android

Skype is a very popular app which provides a simple user-friendly interface that allows you to call and send messages from your phone to another phone or computer absolutely free. There are millions of Skype users today and you can’t go wrong with it. Though when using it, you need to have a good Internet connection preferably 3G/4G/Wi-Fi. It also offers video calling to keep in touch with your friends and family.

Download Skype


2. WeChat


WeChat is a cool newly launched app that is quite popular because of its fast, reliable and private service. It offers instant messaging with group chats and animated smileys which help express your thoughts and feelings. You can also use it to chat with your friends or with other people that are nearby. The best part of the app, is that it has no limitation for making calls, meaning unlimited calls.

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3. Nimbuzz Messenger

nimbuzz messenger

Nimbuzz Messenger is probably the oldest app in this list however it offers tons of great features. This apps support all major platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows, Mac and Java. It also lets you chat with your Facebook buddies for free. Some of its amazing features include free HD Voice calls, free messaging, group chat, chatrooms, offline messages and free push notifications.

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4. Rebtel


Rebtel offers free calls on other Rebtel app users and cheap calls to any phone for almost 98% less international rates. You can use it to call anywhere in the world, either on mobile phones or landline phones that do not have Rebtel installed. It also offers low cost international SMS where you can text friends and family in more than 150 countries.

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5. Viber


Viber is another app that is popularly used by people to make free international calls. It also lets you scan your own phone book and automatically connects with the user that uses Viber app. Use this app to text your friends and make free calls with HD sound quality. It also offers groups with up to 40 participants, and allows sending stickers plus emoticons to make messaging more lively.

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Just select any one of these great apps on this list to start making your free calls on Android. Also keep in mind that it is better to choose what your friends or family are using to have more high quality experience when communication with them.