Top Most Wanted IT Skills for 2012

A recent Computerworld survey indicates the nine IT skills that will be in demand in 2012. Here is a breakdown of the top most wanted IT skills for 2012.

Top Most Wanted IT Skills for 2012 - Computerworld Survey

Computerworld’s annual Forecast survey polled about 29 percent of the 353 IT executives which said are planning to increase IT staffing through next summer. (An increase of 6% need for IT staffs from last year 23% in the 2010 survey)

Here are the top most wanted IT Skills that the IT executive say they will be hiring:

Programming and Application Development

  • According to the survey, an increase of 17% was needed for programming and application development. 61% plan to hire for this skill in the next 1 year, as programming and application development is seems to be important with today’s technologies. This skills covers website development to mobile application development.

Project Management

  • Project Managers not going to just be looking for people who can oversee and monitor projects but also want people who can identify users’ needs and translate them for the IT staffers-the increasingly popular business analysts.

Help Desk/Technical Support

  • Mobile operating systems have added a new areas for help desk and tech support.


  • Networking demand is being fueled by both virtualization and cloud computing projects. The survey also revealed that execs will be looking for people with VMware and Citrix experience.

Business Intelligence

  • Computerworld interprets this uptick to a focus shift in many companies, from cost savings to investing in technology.

Data Center

  • Virtualization and the Cloud could also be behind the increased need for IT professionals with backgrounds in data center operations and systems integration.

Web 2.0

  • Tech skills centered around social media will be in demand, with .Net, AJAX and PHP as key back-end skills, with HTML, XML, CSS, Flash and Javascript, among others, on the front end.


  • Security is down from 32 percent in the 2010 survey, but security stays a top concern of IT executives.


  • Computerworld survey indicates a demand for people with IP telephony skills, and for those familiar with Cisco IPCC call center systems.