Top Ten Cool Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 7

Top Ten Cool Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 7

Using keyboard shortcuts increase your PC productivity, and this saves you a lot of time, plus if your mouse malfunction then you got something to rely on. Here are top ten cool keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7 to increase your PC productivity either in work, school, or fun related.
Knowing these keyboard cool combos will certainly make you look like a tech savvy person, even though you aren’t. 🙂

Here are the list of Top Ten Cool Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 7


1. Windows + number keys
Windows + 1 lauch your first pinned app in the Taskbar, this is from going left to right, while Windows + 2 launches the second app, and so on.


2. Windows Logo + L
This shortcut key locks your PC instanlty.

3. Shift + Delete
When you are deleting a file, you commonly either drag it to the Recycle Bin or click on the file and press Delete. But one cool way of bypassing the Recycle Bin, to press the Shift key + Delete, this way you can quickly delete a file, however you cannot restore it via the Recycle Bin, as it skips the go to Recycle Bin step.


4. Windows + T
Use this to navigate with the apps in your Taskbar, pressing Windows + T once will highlight the first open app in your Taskbar, while pressing it again will move you to the second app. These key will give you a quick preview with the app, pressing Enter will open the app in the Desktop.


5. Alt + F6
Got multiple windows open? This shortcut will switch you between the windows.


6. CTRL + Shift +  N
Quick way to create a new folder if you are in Windows explorer!


7. Windows + M
Want to check your Desktop, or want to hide all current open windows? Then use this shortcut key to minimize all current windows to the taskbar.


8. Windows + (+/-)
Magnify your computer screen using Windows and the + (plus) sign. This allows you to zoom in for a magnified view. To zoom back press Windows and the – (minus/negative) sign.


9. Windows + Spacebar
Shortcut key used to peek at the desktop, this will turn all windows open to transparent.

10. Windows + Shift + Left or Right Arrow
Using the Windows + Shift + Left is the dual-monitor user’s way of moving a current window to from the right display to the left, and using the Right arrow will move the left display to the right. If you are using only a single monitor, then these shortcut keys will dock your window to the designated side of screen.