Useful Windows 8 Features That Can Help Your Business

Windows 8 which is expected to be released on October 26 had received a lot of criticism when it decided to remove the Start menu. Nevertheless, Windows 8 offers new features and improvements which you may consider. These features will be helpful for business and consumers. Windows 8 features offers improvements in security, virtualization, recovery, networking, and more.

Here are features that Windows 8 has to offer.

windows 8 boot menu

UEFI improves boot process and adapted the Secure Boot. Windows 8 offers faster boot times. It can boot for just less than 10 seconds, which help increase productivity. It added Secure Boot which prevents unauthorized operating systems from loading, and has ELAM (Early Launch Anti-Malware) to protect against boot loader attacks.

Windows To Go feature allow users to take their workstation with them. The Windows To Go feature lets users put a clean install or an existing Windows 8 image into a 32GB or higher USB thumb drive or portable drives and boot it to another computer. This feature is somewhat similar with Linux distributions running from a Live CD or a thumb drive. This feature is pretty useful for telecommuters as they can essentially take with them an entire PC environment along with their programs and files.

windows 8 networking features

Enhanced networking features to help network administrators. The Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 have many new networking features that are useful for administrators. The NIC teaming provides network connection load balancing and failover, by bonding two or more network interfaces. The SMB or the Server Message Block protocol added improvement on availability, administration, performance, and security of file sharing and storage resources, along with its new features like transparent failover and encryption.

windows 8 recovery

New recovery options have been added for Windows 8. Windows 8 offers two new recovery options, the Refresh and the Reset. These two options can help save time for IT personals and users in case a computer becomes infected or corrupt. Refresh keeps all personal data, important settings along with the Metro-style apps, and then reinstall windows. Reset removes all the data and then reinstalls Windows, taking PC back to its original condition when it was first run. Each of these options can be accessed via the Metro-Style settings app, the new boot Windows Recovery Environment menus, or even from booting from a Windows To Go thumb drive.

windows 8 client hyper-v

Windows 8 Client Hyper-V offers advanced virtualization capabilities. Windows8 will include the Client Hyper-V feature, which offers the same Hyper-V virtualization capabilities offered in Windows Server 2012. Users who need to run virtual operating systems can use the Client Hyper-V which offers advance capabilities than Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP mode. The virtual machines can also be moved to and from Hyper-V on Windows Servers, and includes support of live migrations.

More features of Windows 8. More features of Windows 8 includes enhancement to BitLocker and AppLocker.  BitLocker can be used to encrypt hard drives and works faster in Windows 8, initially encrypting only used disk space. AppLocker can be used to control running apps and packaged app installers.

While you may need some time in getting used to the Metro Style user interface, Windows 8 looks like a pretty strong operating system for business and consumers.