View Websites in 3D Using Firefox

How to View Websites in 3D Using Firefox Browser

Cool trick on how to view websites in 3D view using Firefox browser.  The latest version of Firefox has a 3D View option in it, where you can view website in their 3D form. Haven’t found anything useful here but probably web developers can use it to select hard to click images, forms or text easily so they can debug it. It’s a pretty cool feature of Firefox and we’ll show you how to do the browser trick below.

Steps in viewing website in 3D using Firefox browser:

1.  Download the latest version of Firefox browser. Download Firefox here.

latest version of Firefox supports 3D view

2. Open the website you want to view in 3D.

3. Right click on any blank area and select “Inspect Element”.

inspect element in Firefox

4. Click on the 3D View button below.

3D view in Firefox

5. Start viewing the website in 3D form.

6. You can rotate it using the left mouse button.

Here are some examples and screenshots of it:

Using 3D in Facebook

facebook in 3D

Using 3D in Yahoo

Yahoo in 3D

Using 3D in Google

Google in 3D

Pretty cool trick if you ask me. Share it to others, maybe they can find easter eggs on websites doing this trick. Have fun as you have learned how to view websites in 3D using Firefox browser.