W32.Duqu Removal Guide – How to Remove W32.Duqu Virus

Pinoy IT Tech Support – Computer Security Virus Problems Frequently Ask Question (FAQ) Q&A:  How to Remove W32.Duqu Virus? What is W32.Duqu and what it does to my computer?

Question:  Help I got infected by W32.Duqu, please help me remove it. How can I remove W32.Duqu Virus from my computer? What is W32.Duqu? What does W32.Duqu does?


W32.Duqu? What it is?

W32.Duqu is a nasty computer worm spyware that is genereated to infect maliciously computers without updated security hotfixes or antivirus definitions. It can disable security tools and maliciously perform various corrupting actions on the infected machine. W32.Duqu installs in your computer without your knowledge or consent and then replicates itself on the infected system. Once active in a system, W32.Duqu will make your computer display some annoying pop-ups for adult related sites or any other malicious web sites.It can drop down other files through network exploits which causes your PC in great danger. W32.Duqu can harvest personal information in your computer and crash or degrade system performance. It is strongly advised to remove W32.Duqu as quickly as possible once detection.

How can I remove W32.Duqu? It keeps bugging me off.


Here is how to Remove W32.Duqu Step by Step Guide1. Open your Windows Task Manager in your infected machine. (You can do this by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE then select Task Manager)2. Stop all W32.Duqu processes.In your Task Manager, click on “Processes” tab, then search for “W32.Duqu“, right-click and click “End Process”.

3. Open regedit. (You can do this by clicking the “Start” button, selecting “Run”. Then type “regedit” in to the box and click “OK”.

4. In your Registry Editor, navigate to the registry key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\W32.Duqu“, right-click this registry and select “Delete”.

5. Finally navigate to “%PROGRAM_FILES%\W32.Duqu\” and delete the files in their manually, or delete the actual folder itself.

Note: If you are not familiar with Regedit, back up your Windows registry first. W32.Duqu is a malicious malware that needs to be remove immediately before it propagates. After removing W32.Dugu be sure to patch your computer with the latest hotfixes.