Watch Videos Online That Are Not Available In Your Country With UnoTelly

If you are a huge fan of watching and streaming videos online but live outside U.S., then you are quite familiar with the annoying message “We are sorry, this content is not available in your country”.

This message frequently appears on good quality legal channels that are geo-restricted. Geo-restricted channels do not allow people to access their streaming content online if they do not reside in a particular region or country they give access to.

Most of these channels prefer their “online viewers” live in countries like U.S. or U.K.  Examples of these channels include Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer.

netflix not available

Netflix: “Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet.”

hulu not available

Hulu: Sorry, currently our video library can only be watched from within the United States.

bbc iplayer not available

BBC iPlayer: BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only.

How to Access and Watch From Sites/Channels Like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and More Online, if They are Not Available in your Country

To remove this geo-restriction and watch these channels online, you can use UnoTelly.

What is UnoTelly?

UnoTelly is a service that lets you unlock channels, film and even music not available in your current location. It allows you to enjoy content on geo-restricted channels from around the world with a press of a button. Unlike other VPNs and proxies, UnoTelly does not slow down your Internet connection.

UnoTelly provides UnoVPN and UnoDNS. UnoDNS is for users who are primarily interested in watching streaming media online like Hulu and Netflix. The UnoVPN on the other hand, are designed for users who frequently travels and access UnoTelly under networks that block DNS services. The UnoVPN is included with UnoTelly’s Gold package.

UnoTelly Features

Easy to Setup and Use

unotelly installed

UnoTelly is newbie and user-friendly. You do not need to be a techie or a tech geek to set it up. With just a few clicks of button, you can start enabling their service. UnoTelly provides an easy to follow step-by-step setup instruction for each device you want to use it with.

Huge List of Supported Channels

unotelly channels

UnoTelly offers over 250+ channels and grows every day. Channels include videos, music, sports, Live TV, and more. Take a look on their catalogue and you’ll surely discover new channels that you will enjoy.

Wide Range of Supported Devices and Platform

unotelly devices

UnoTelly works on different devices including computers (Linux, Windows, Mac), mobile phones or tablets, gaming consoles, home appliances, and even routers. You can see all supported devices here.

Dynamo DNS Technology

unotelly dynamo

UnoTelly’s UnoDNS Dynamo lets you choose channels from different countries. Unlike other DNS and proxy services available which limit you only in a specific country, the Dynamo allows you to toggle between various different regions.

Supports Dynamic IP

Having dynamic IP means that you need to update your IP address from time to time. With UnoTelly, you can update your IP address with just a few clicks of button. You can also update your IP address automatically.

Supports DynDNS

DynDNS is supported by most of the home routers. UnoTelly allows you to use DynDNS to setup automatic IP update.

Request Channels

If you have any channel or feature that you want to request, you can message their friendly and dedicated support team.

Lots of Servers Globally Available

unotelly servers

Use their fastest servers by selecting from their list of global servers that are nearest from your place. UnoTelly offers over 30+ servers that are distributed geographically across the world in order for you to maximize your speed and stability.

Downloadable Android App

With UnoTelly’s Android app you can unlock media content on your Android device. Download the app to quickly update your IP and change your Dynamo region.

Doesn’t Slow Down Your Internet Connection

UnoTelly directly connects you straight to the source with no middleman involve. This means that you have less buffering time and you can spend more time watching.

Test Reports for UnoTelly UnoDNS

We actually tested UnoTelly’s UnoDNS service if it slows down our Internet connection, and unlike other VPNs and proxies, the UnoDNS does not slow the Internet connection speed. You can see our test results below.

Note: Tests were done in Philippines.

Download and Upload Speed Using Speed Test

This is our speed without UnoTelly UnoDNS. (Baseline speed)

2.55 Mb/s (Download) – 0.78 Mb/s (Upload) – average result from 5 speed test using where we cleared the brower’s cache before each test. For reference, here are the test links: Baseline Test 1, Baseline Test 2, Baseline Test 3, Baseline Test 4 and Baseline Test 5.

Speed with UnoTelly UnoDNS. (Resulting speed after applying UnoTelly)

2.55 Mb/s (Download) – 0.79 Mb/s (Upload) – average result from 5 speed test using where we cleared the brower’s cache before each test. For reference, here are the test links: UnoTelly Speed Test 1, UnoTelly Speed Test 2, UnoTelly Speed Test 3, UnoTelly Speed Test 4 and UnoTelly Speed Test 5.

Download Internet Speed Test

Again, we tested UnoTelly UnoDNS using another speed test site ( to see if it really doesn’t slow down our Internet speed. This time the selected server is in Dallas, TX US. Selected sample download test size is 50MB.

Download Speed Without UnoTelly UnoDNS (Baseline)

download speed without unotelly

Download Connection Speed:: 2014 Kbps or 2 Mbps

Download Speed Test Size:: 50 MB or 51200 kB or 52428800 bytes

Download Binary File Transfer Speed:: 252 kB/s



Download Speed With UnoTelly UnoDNS (Result)

download speed with unotelly

Download Connection Speed:: 2014 Kbps or 2 Mbps

Download Speed Test Size:: 50 MB or 51200 kB or 52428800 bytes

Download Binary File Transfer Speed:: 252 kB/s




Our test results showed that UnoTelly’s UnoDNS provides a baseline-like experience. Meaning, it did not slowed down or somewhat affected our Internet connection speed even just a little. More good news is that by applying it, users now have accessed to Hulu, Netflix and other online channels that are geo-restricted. We highly recommend using UnoTelly to watch and stream videos online that are not available in your country.


UnoTelly offers a free 8-day premium trial. Its Premium Plan is $4.95/month which already includes 100% unlimited UnoDNS access, over 250+ channels, unlocked globally, 30+ fast DNS servers, and 24/7 live support. Its Gold Plan is $7.95/month which gives you everything that the premium package offers plus access to UnoVPN with PPTP and OvenVPN Protocol; US, UK, Canada, Netherlands VPN servers; and secured servers to protect your identity and prevent snooping.

UnoTelly offers 100% moneyback guarantee with no contract.


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