Water Type Effect Using HTML5 Canvas

Want to learn how to create a Water Typing effect using HTML5 canvas and Javascript source code? In this guide, you will know how to create a Water Type web design with user interactivity in your browser. Water Type effect is a web design that emulates water drops and ripples and display them in your browser. With this, you can make water waves and mimic water effects using HTML5 and Javascript.

Water Typing in HTML5 and Javascript, shows the power of the two web programming languages. They alone can make a gorgeous web design, with added user interactivity. Using the Water Typing effect, you can create cool and unique videos or introduction about your website, especially if they are related to bodies of water, or travelling in water, like oceans or seas.

water type effect html5

Sample Introductory Video using Water Typing

Here is a cool video that was created using the Water Typing effect web design.

[iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/rLieCDVP6oQ?rel=0 500 369]

Water Typing using HTML 5 and Javascript Demo

Below is the demo of the Water Typing using HTML 5 and Javascript.

Instructions: Type in some text and press “Enter”. You can also use “Backspace” or “Del” key to delete characters. To make water waves, click the Water Typing HTML and Javascript Source Code link.

Water Typing using HTML 5 and Javascript Demo

Note: Cannot see the Water Type Effect demo? Try upgrading your browser.

Download Water Type Effect HTML5 and Javascript Source Code

Here is the source code for the Water Type effect web design.

Water Type Effect HTML5 and Javascript Source Code

This Water Typing effect uses the HTML5 and Javascript, and this shows the web design strength and interactivity of HTML and Javascript. With the booming of HTML5, sites are getting more dynamic and advanced, and knowing how to code in HTML, HTML5, and Javascript will certainly help you in web designing and web developing. For now, have fun and enjoy this Water Typing effect using Water Type Effect using HTML5 Canvas.

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