Windows 8 App Store One Big Advantage Over Google and Apple

Here is one big advantage Windows 8 App Store offers over Google Store and Apple Store. Will this be enough to invite more developers to shift in developing for Windows 8 apps?

Microsoft has announced the pricing details for its Windows 8 app store and Windows 8 developers can price their apps starting at $1.49. In comparison with Google and Apple which lets the developers sell their apps for as low at $.099 in their respective app stores.

windows 8 app store

One big advantage of Windows 8 App store is that the developers can let their customers try their apps for seven days before committing to the full paid version. This means that app developers can put their apps in trial mode which you cannot do in the Apple App store and in the Google Play store.

Microsoft will take the industry standard 30% of the app revenues from the app developers. But after an app reaches $25,000 in sale, Microsoft will lower their cut to 20%. This means that big-name developers are given more potential to earn more after breaking the $25,000 mark.

The Windows 8 is scheduled to launch on October 26 as an upgrade for users that uses Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 as their operating systems.