Windows 8 Consumer Preview Bypass Metro Start Screen and Show Desktop on Startup

Wiz Techie Pinoy Tech Blog – Computer Problems Frequently Ask Question (FAQ) Q&A: How can I bypass the Metro UI start screen in Windows 8 Consumer Preview and show Desktop on startup? I wanted to skip the Windows 8 startup screen and display automatically the Desktop. I wanted to start Windows 8 directly showing my Desktop upon logging in.

Question:  Help, I want to bypass the Metro UI Start Screen in Windows 8 Consumer Preview and startup directly to desktop. I wanted Windows 8 to function like Windows 7 which starts up directly in the desktop. Is there anything I can do? I’ve tried looking for the Windows 8 settings but I cannot find any setting for starting the Desktop immediately.


Windows 8 starts up with its Metro UI Start Screen, which will provides you quick access to your applications, shortcuts, and programs or any other particular software or app that you wanted to show in the Start Screen. You cannot find any settings in the Control Panel which will startup directly the Desktop. Windows 8 will always start with its new Metro UI Start Screen to provide similar functionality and design with tablets and mobile.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

You can however startup Windows 8 Consumer Preview in Desktop by doing this solutions.

Solution 1:

Creating a Show Desktop shortcut and sing the Startup Folder.
The first solution we can provide is to create a Show Desktop short and place it int he Startup folder. To do this follow the following steps.

Windows 8 Create Shortcut

1. Open Startup Folder which is located at:

C:/Users/<User Profile>/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/Windows/Start Menu/Programs/Startup

Change the <User Profile> to your Account name.

2. Right Click on the folder, select New, then select Shortcut. Type the following Show Desktop shortcut command.:

C:/Windows/explorer.exe shell:::{3080F90D-D7AD-11D9-BD98-0000947B0257}

3. Click Next, give the created shortcut a name, then click Finish.

To test it, restart or log off your Windows 8 PC and notice that once you logged in, it will directly take you to the Desktop. Doing this will help you solve you’re problem wanting to bypass the Windows 8 start screen.

Solution 2:

Using Event Viewer and Logon event to startup Desktop.
Using this solution is much more faster, as your Show Desktop script can be binded with the Windows 8 Logon Event. So whenever the Logon Event is called, your Show Desktop script will then be run. To do this follow the steps below.

1. Go the Start Screen, you can do this quickly by pressing the Window key if you’re in the Desktop.

2. Type Event Viewer. Notice that the Search bar will automatically pops up and will be showing search results for the Event Viewer.

3. Click the Settings under the Apps on the right side below the Search bar. Then select View event logs.

Windows 8 event viewer

4. In the Event Viewer, go to the Windows Logs list and select Application. Wait for it to load.

5. Select a Winlogon event, just look for it in the Source column.

6. Right click the Winlogon event, and select Attach Task To This Event.

7. A Create Basic Task Wizard will pop up. Just enter a name or just click Next.

Windows 8 taks scheduler

8. Select Start a Program and copy the Show Desktop startup code from above on the Program/script bar. Click Next afterwards.

9. A Task Scheduler pop up screen will appear. Click Yes to verify the Show Desktop startup argument.

10. Restart or log off your Windows 8 machine to test. This solution will show your Desktop automatically on startup.

Doing the solutions above will make you bypass Windows 8 Consumer Preview Metro UI Start Screen and show Desktop immediately on startup. These solutions will startup your Desktop instead of showing the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen. Starting up your Windows 8 machine in a Desktop mode, will give you some looks of a Windows 7 while keeping the elegance of Windows 8 Metro UI.


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