Windows 8 Consumer Preview Dual Boot with Windows 7

Wiz Techie Pinoy Tech Blog – Computer Problems Frequently Ask Question (FAQ) Q&A: How can I dual boot my Windows 8 Consumer Preview machine with Windows 7? I’ve downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO file and installed it in my machine, however I want to dual boot it with Windows 7. Is dual booting Windows 8 Consumer Preview with Windows 7 possible? I wanted my PC to have both Windows 8 and Windows 7 installed on it, and I want to dual boot it, so that I can select whether I would load Windows 8 or Windows 7.

Question:  Help, I want to dual boot Windows 8 Consumer Preview with Windows 7. I wanted my machine to have both Windows 8 and Windows 7 on it. Windows 8 Consumer Preview is great, however I want to run some of my applications and programs in Windows 7 as for now. Is this possible?  What can I do to dual boot my Windows 8 PC with Windows 7? Also will I retain my Windows 8 files, if I do this? I’ve already formatted my disk and install Windows 8 on it. 


Windows 8 can actually be dual booted with Windows 7. Below are the steps that you need to do, in order to dual boot the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows 7. Please be reminded that the steps below was done with Windows 8 Consumer Preview already installed in a machine. We used a real machine (laptop with Windows 8 currently installed) and did not used any virtualization. The goal here is to dual boot Windows 8 Consumer Preview with Windows 7.

windows 8 consumer preview


  • Windows 7 Installer (Windows 7 DVD/Windows 7 USB bootable installer/Windows Deployment Services (WDS) with Windows 7 image, etc.)

Steps in Dual Booting Windows 8 Consumer Preview with Windows 7

1. Start your Windows 8 Consumer Preview machine and from the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen select “Windows Explorer“.

2. Right click on My Computer then select “Manage“.

windows 8 manage

3. Go to Disk Management, then Shrink your Disk and create a new partition. (For me, I created a 40GB partition where I can install Windows 7.)

windows 8 disk management

windows 8 shrink volume

4. Restart your Windows 8 PC and boot to your installation drive.

5. Windows 7 installer will load. Proceed as normal, and then choose “Custom” install when installing.

6. Select your newly created partition. Then click on Next.

7. After Installing Updates in the Windows 7 installation steps, you’re machine will restart automatically and your Windows 7 installer will load but it will be on the Install setup again. To skip the Install loop cycle, just remove your Windows 7 installer. This is important as your Windows 8 machine will go on an infinite install loop cycle if you do not remove the installation media.

8. Reboot, and you will now be prompted by the Windows Boot Manager on what OS you want to load.

9. Select Windows 7 from the boot list. You will be greeted by a CHKDSK. Do not worry, just proceed with the check disk.

10. After the CHKDSK (Check Disk) is complete. Your Windows 7 installation will proceed. Just wait for it to complete the installation steps.

11. Finally, you will be greeted with the Windows 7 screen, asking you for Username, Computer Name, and Password along with the details.

12. Congratulations! You have now successfully dual booted Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows 7.

Reboot to test your Machine.

If you have restarted your Windows 8 machine, you will see from the Windows Boot Manager that you can select either Windows 7 or Windows 8 Consumer Preview. To test it, try loading in Windows 7, then reboot afterwards, then try loading in Windows 8 Consumer Preview. If both loads successful, then you have successfully made Windows 8 Consumer Preview dual boot with Windows 7. I’ve used a real machine in testing this, and verify that this actually does work. Hope this helps you!