Windows 8 operating system could ban Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Will Windows 8 operating system ban Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox? Read the full story here. According to Mozilla, the new version of Windows 8 operating system could possibly shut out browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft has been saying that x86 apps wouldn’t run on Windows on ARM and said that there would be no third-party code on Windows RT when the Windows 8 platform details was announced back in February.

Windows 8 operating system could ban Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

So sum it up, there would be no plugins for IE on the Windows RT desktop, and there would be no desktop Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome as well. According to Mozilla, makers of the Firefox browser, Microsoft is planning to allow and have only one fully functioning browser on the Windows RT, and that’s the Microsoft Internet Explorer.

On Mozilla blog, Harvey Anderson, general counsel for Mozilla, wrote Windows on ARM Users Need Browser Choice Too, stating that “Microsoft’s browser practices regarding Windows 8 Metro signal an unwelcome return to the digital dark ages where users and developers didn’t have browser choices.

In the article it was said that Windows RT (Windows running on the ARM processor) will have two environments, a Windows Metro environment for apps and a Windows Classic environment. However the Windows on ARM prohibits any other browser except for Microsoft Internet Explorer from running in the Windows Classic environment. In practice, this will make Internet Explorer the only browser to be able to perform advanced computing functions vital to browser’s spped, stability, and security.

The Mozilla Firefox fully featured version will be allowed to run on Intel-based Windows 8 tablets, and only Windows RT is where the problem is. Microsoft also declined to comment regarding on the Mozilla’s accusations.