Windows Phone vs Android

Windows Phone vs Android

Windows Phone vs Android! So who is winning? Let’s find out some areas where Windows Phone is better than Android. What’s your stand?
Windows Phone 7 is a rising star, and many people favorite mobile platform is now the Windows Phone. With this let us see some advantages and some aspects that make WP7 stand out, and outshine Android.

Streamlined User Interface: Windows Phone vs Android

In Android, the UI you will be using is rather different depending on the SKU of the mobile phone. Comparing UI of Motorola phone vs HTC or Samsung, the given Andorid phones UI are different, as the ambiguity can be disconcerting. Note that this is different with Windows Phone 7, as any handset regardless of manufacture, the mobile phone will have the same UI, with its structured user interface, it would be a lot easier shifting from various WP7 phone with different manufacturers.

WP7 Has Easy to Use Interface: Windows Phone vs Android

Most of the mobile users right now are not that techie, as they want to use a phone that is easiest to do their everyday task. While Android is much more a geek phone, where in order to see its real power you must be willing to learn new things. WP7 has a “tile” system that makes it easier for a user to organize and find and search things that they need to use throughout the day. It’s sleek design comes with easy-to-use style.

WP7 Has Apps That Aren’t BS: Windows Phone vs Android

Android using open-source is very good as has more and more app developers willing to sell or share their apps in the Marketplace. However you’ll find apps in the Android Marketplace, that what we say poorly developed, and as more and more apps in the Android Marketplace it’s been harder to find great apps that you can use everyday. Like for example, int the gaming development of Android apps, we rarely see games that features cool 3D graphics, and this apps is rare in the Android market.

WP7 Microsoft LIVE Integration Is Superb: Windows Phone vs Android

If you have been like an Xbox or PC gamer, then you will love WP7. Search in the Windows app store and chances are that there is a compatible mobile version of a game you are playing. This shines with Xbox games, as players can keep going to earn points and unlock achivements with their WP7. Windows phone 7 also lets you alter and modify your Xbox Live avatar plus you get to keep tabs on your friend’s achivements. While this WP7 Microsoft Live is still in infant stage, you can now imagine the connections between gaming and mobile phones in the future.

Introduction the Microsoft Mobile Office: Windows Phone vs Android

Want to do Microsoft Word in WP7? Well Microsoft Mobile Office is here. Use it to edit your documents via mobile like for example, the Microsoft Word Mobile edition, where you can use remote access documents in SharePoint Server 2010, and can use the “find” tool, to search for key words and phrases, and also lets you find email documents directly from your mobile.

Microsoft is doing a good job, with its attemp to integrate computers and phones productivity and office related work.

Stableness with WP7: Windows Phone vs Android

Users of WP7 is experiencing a more stable experience in using apps as it has less crashes probably its because it is more compatible with some complex actions that Android lacks, like the multi-tasking and support for tethering.

Experience Zune with WP7: Windows Phone vs Android

With WP7, Zune comes as a native client, where it is not complicated in setting up music services, while unlike in Android where you would need to download several apps, like for example, Google Music, has to be sync with Google Wallet, which is then must be sync to the Google Music Server, that needs Gauntlet to unlock songs. With these kind of hassle, it is better to go with Zune’s simplicity.

Keyboard in Windows Phone 7 are more Snappier: Windows Phone vs Android

With the current exception of Android Sprint Galaxy that features QWERTY slidable keyboard, the Windows Phone 7 has a better and snappier keyboard, compared to Android phones that are harder to type in some messages because of the keyboard design.

No Pop-Up Ads!: Windows Phone vs Android

It’s quite annoying when you have to manually close ads that pop-up, which sometimes appear when you are in a middle of a game. With WP7, app restrictions is more friendlier, like you don’t have to close a pop-up or suddenly an ad poped-up when you are in fighting a game boss.

Hope you learn some advantages of Windows Phone 7 over Android. Well ultimately the final choice is in choosing a mobile phone is with the end user. Whatever mobile phone you have, whether iPhone, Windows Phone 7 or Android phone, you must know “how to use if effectively” as these set of phones all has potential to help an end user. So what do you think of Windows Phone vs Android?